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Comparing Yourself to others in the Gym

We are talking exercise performance here.  Comparing yourself physically is a whole other topic.
Everyone starts somewhere.  Some people come in brand new and excel quickly, some take a bit longer.  There are sooo many factors at play that it is really impossible to compare apples to apples.
-What is your previous exercise history?
-What’s your diet like?
-How often do you workout?
-Are you doing this for Fun? Fitness? Sport?
-What’s your age?
-How’s your health?
-What’s your body type? Ectomorph/Mesomorph/Endomorph
-What do you do for the other waking hours of the day? Active/Desk job
-How much sleep do you get?
-Have you had previous injuries?
-What’s your stress level?
-Nanos or Metcons? Haha Just kidding
All of these things can play a huge role on how well you perform in the gym.  If you can find someone who matches you perfectly down this list, then go ahead and see how you stack up!  If not then I wouldn’t get too concerned over who beat who.
Your focus every day should be YOU against YOU.  That person is your perfect match.  You can control everything on that list and improve it from yesterday.
So instead of comparing yourself to others in your gym, how about relate to them.  Make friends, be accountability partners and keep each other motivated.
Save the ass kicking for the day you break in those new Metcons.
~Coach Bret
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Coaches Corner

Fitting Exercise into your Daily Schedule

Our gym, Everlasting Fitness is getting ready to start a Nutrition/Exercise/Mindset Challenge.  We are looking to move 90 minutes a day.  This can be 2 workouts, a class and a walk etc.  We basically want to move our bodies for 90 minutes a day to shake up our routine.  So, I thought this might be a relevant topic as we prepare.
We are super busy these days.  Family and work usually comes first.  Most people put themselves on the back burner.  So getting in your exercise every day takes some planning on your part.  Just like your diet, if you wing it every day you are setting yourself up for failure.  If you prep your food ahead of time and plan for the week it makes it much easier to stay on track.
We all have appointments that we need to keep, hair cuts, doctor appointments, kids sports games etc.  Make yourself a daily appointment to exercise and put it in your calendar.  It can be different times every day or it can be consistent.  It depends on you and your schedule.  I like to look at my upcoming week on Sunday and plan ahead.
Monday 5:30am
Tuesday 4:00pm
Wednesday 9:30am
Thursday 5:00pm
Friday 5:30am
Saturday 9:00am
Sunday 9:00am
I’m all over the place but that’s ok because I set appointments with myself around my work and family schedule. I used to get the line “You work at the gym so you can just workout whenever you want!”.  I wish that were true! I work 50-60 hrs a week, 51 weeks a year. I have a wife, 2 kids and a dog. I run a business and try to always be involved in some kind of continuing education.
I get it, everyone is busy.
Let me ask you a question, what shows are you currently watching on TV? How many shows do you watch a week?  Take that number x 60 minutes.  That is probably a good chunk of time that could be used for exercise.
If you just said “I can’t” – go back and read my last blog
You don’t have to exercise at a gym, at my gym or follow anything in particular.  Just get out and move, or stay in and move.  Your body will thank you over and over.
Pro tip – If it’s fun, you will continue.  Make it fun.
If you need ideas or if you don’t know how to make it fun shoot me an email
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Coaches Corner

I can’t = I won’t

I can’t is one of the most self defeating phrases around.  Is there really anything in this world that you cannot do?  How do you know?  Have you tried? Or do you choose to not try.  Choose to not learn how. Choose to not put in the effort.
Let’s say you did try and you failed.  Did you give up after or did you try again?  Did you ask for help?  Did you find a mentor?  Did you see how someone else has done it?
I can’t is the easy way out.  It gets you off the hook fast.  It keeps you satisfied with where you are at.  Let me ask you a question…  When was the last time you were happy after saying I can’t?
On the flip side, how does it make you feel when you can say I can?
I can’t stick to a diet = I choose not to
I can’t get a better job = I don’t want to put in the effort
I can’t do a pullup = I won’t take the time to practice
I lost 10lbs = I can, I put in the effort and stayed consistent
I got a promotion = I can, I worked for it and showed my value
I got a strict pull up = I can, I asked for help and did the extra work
Next time you catch yourself saying I can’t, stop and reset.  It takes effort but it’s so much more fun to say I can!
~Coach Bret
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Coaches Corner

Are you Coachable?

What does it mean to be coachable?
Being coachable means you are open to critique, open to suggestions and modifications, take advice and actually try to implement what was given to you.
Sometimes it means taking a step back so you can move past that sticky point down the road.  No one likes taking a step back but often that is what it takes to hit the next level.
Do you take your coaches cues and try to implement them?  Or does finishing the workout in a decent time make all those cues go out the window?
Can you scale down your workout and work on form if asked to?  Or are you afraid someone will judge you for not doing “Sport”?
Can you substitute a movement to avoid a joint that’s bothering you?  Or will you push through the pain because you have to do what everyone else is doing?
Can you lower the weight and work on your bar path during a workout? Or does ego take over…time, weight, etc.
Can you change something up even if you don’t want to?  Often, you are not the smartest person in the room.
Can you take advice from a coach who you consistently beat in workouts? More often than not, the best coaches in any sport are not the best athletes.
Coaches give advice and cues to help make you better.  If you choose to ignore these cues and advice your progress will be slower than most if not stagnant.  The most coachable athletes will see rapid progress because of that close communication with their coaches.
~Coach Bret
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Coaches Corner

Can CrossFit get me through a Marathon?

Running a marathon was something that was always on my bucket list.  I ran for 3 years in high school, but not too much after that. I researched and saw the amount of training needed to really do this well.  It was a lot. I didn’t like running that much. So training for it went out the window.  Was this smart?  Hell no!  More on this later.
I signed up to do the Baltimore Marathon (2013) with my friend and fellow coach Toni.  She is a great a runner with several marathons and tri’s under her belt.  She was super encouraging so I said screw it, let’s see what happens.  My longest run recently was 3 miles at once.  I did that twice in the 12 months before the race. At this point I was 37 with almost 4 years of CrossFIt experience.
In CrossFit we run plenty of 200’s, 400’s, the occasional 800 and very seldom a mile.  I considered myself pretty fit and mentally tough so I could hack it.  Race day came and we took off, I set out at a nice easy pace knowing it would get tough at some point.  At the halfway mark (13 miles) I thought to myself that this wasn’t so bad.  Several miles later things changed a bit.  Around mile 18 we had not stopped running yet other that a quick pee break.  My adductors (inside thighs) decided to lock up on me.  I walked about 30 feet or so until they loosened up and then we continued to run.  The last 8 miles was a continuous lock up, walk, release, run again cycle.  It was mentally defeating.  My lungs were fine and I mentally wanted to keep going.  My legs were just not having it.  Rightfully so, I did not properly prepare myself for this.
Approaching the finish line was one of the greatest things ever!  Not that I was proud of myself it was just pure excitement to be finished!
So what’s the point?  If you want to accomplish something huge once, you might be able to half ass it, take the chance of getting hurt and barely squeak by.  If you want to do something huge well, it takes proper planning, training and direction.  You will never accomplish your goals without putting in the work.
Side point – CrossFit shaped me as an athlete.  It built my work capacity across broad time and modal domains. I believe CrossFit is the reason I did make it 18 miles without stopping (PR).  It is also the reason I did not get hurt and the reason I recovered quickly and was back in the gym that week.
Can CrossFit help your sport? YES.
Can CrossFit help you on the job? YES
Can it help you get through daily life? YES
So, can CrossFit get you through a marathon?  Yes, I proved it.
Was it smart, not at all.
Did I hurt myself, no.
Was I sore for a few days, hell yes.
Would I do it again, nope.
Would I do it again if I trained for it, no I told you I don’t like running that much! (and I ruined the experience by trying to take the easy way out)
Bucket list is checked off!
-Coach Bret
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Coaches Corner

The Cost of Fitness

Are you currently paying for a gym membership? Are you using it? Hopefully the answer was yes!
No matter whether it’s $20/month or $200/month if your using it and getting something out of it then it’s worth it. I’m proud of you!
Often, the problem with the $10 and $20 memberships is that you don’t use them. “It’s only $10/month, I’m not losing much if I don’t use it regularly.” In fact many globo gyms use this as their business model. If everyone that had a membership at the local purple gym came in on Monday they wouldn’t be able to hold them. They count on your inconsistency. Think about that statement for a second…. why would you want to give money to someone who is counting on you to fail?
I’m not saying the $200 gyms are worth it either. I’m saying that you will probably want to get a little more out of it if your paying more money.

Do your research and find the place who wants you to be consistent. The place that wants to see your face every day. The one who creates an environment that you want to go to every day. The place who wants to help you succeed.

Worried about the cost? What’s the cost of a shortened life span? What about healthcare costs when your older? If you don’t take care of your health now you will only make things harder on yourself down the road.
Spending some money now on Nutrition and Fitness can save you money later in life.
Still debating getting started? Have questions? Shoot me an email and I’d be happy to help!
-Coach Bret
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Coaches Corner

Accomplishing the Unattainable

Besides the obvious health benefits, one of the best things about fitness is when you accomplish something that you otherwise thought could never happen. Everyone, no matter your background or fitness level has some sort of “unicorn” that they think is out of reach.

Many CrossFit affiliates (not all) will help you identify progressions to accomplish your goals. The size of your goals doesn’t matter. It could be a Ring Muscle Up, walking the stairs at home without having to stop or sticking to a diet.  Taking steps in the correct direction with encouraging support is key. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We are here to help you succeed but we can’t read your mind.

So, what’s your goal? Your unicorn? Identify it and find a coach or gym that can take you there. Unsure about where to go in your area? Shoot me an email , I’d be happy to help.

When you do attain that goal, I’d love to hear about it! The confidence and strength gained from that first one will lead to many more!
Let’s go!

~Coach Bret

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Never whine, Never complain, Never make excuses

Last month Morgan and I were fortunate enough to spend 2 days with Ben Bergeron and his team. It was his 2 day Immersion program, we highly recommend it!

Sitting on the counter when we walked in was a jar of white rubber bracelets. Super simple, they had white raised lettering saying “never whine, never complain, never make excuses.”  I have a drawer full of these misc bracelets at home and have never really worn them. Oddly enough I took one as the phrase caught my attention.
When I got home I found the bracelet, it caught my attention again so I put it on. I started to think about all the times when I would complain or make an excuse. The mornings are common as I don’t feel like I’m a morning person. (That’s an excuse right there). Generally I’m a pretty positive person and I try to keep this in mind throughout my day. It’s funny though how often even a positive person will complain, whine or make an excuse.

I’m sore today. I didn’t sleep well. I drank too much last night. I hate (insert movement). Today is not my day. I hate long workouts. I hate short workouts. I can’t do (insert movement). I suck at…  I don’t want to let my (team/partner)down. I’m hungry. I don’t feel well. My allergies are acting up. I had a long day at work. The restaurant didn’t have anything healthy. I didn’t prep my food. I forgot my food. I was late. My kids….

These are all ones I hear on a regular basis. Let’s keep in mind that you always have a choice and there is always another option. Positive thoughts yield positive outcomes. I can’t really means I won’t.
The first step is realizing how often you whine, complain and make excuses. The second step is taking action to fix it.
Hmm, maybe drop and do a burpee every time you catch yourself!

-Coach Bret

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Coaches Corner

Everlasting Fitness 2020

2019 was a great year at Everlasting!  

Pounds, inches and fears lost. 

Friends, muscles and confidence gained.

Mindset, goals and fitness changed.


As gym owners, we can’t ask for more than that. Our goal for this gym is to change people’s lives, and to be the Catalyst for change. So, how do we do this?


First we want to bleed Encouragement. We want to encourage you to workout, encourage you to push past what you think you can’t do, encourage you to take small steps and big steps when needed and encourage you to make goals to become the best version of you.


We want this to be a place to create lasting Bonds.  There is something about enduring the same trials as the peers around you that creates a lasting bond. A bond forged in sweat amongst friends that have the same goals, friends that have different goals and friends that support you no matter who you are or where you come from, friends that don’t judge.


Last, we want to provide Support. We want to support you through your nutrition journey, support your goal of doing a competition, support you mentally when you need a kick in the ass and we want to provide the support you need to teach you fitness, nutrition and goal setting to get you where you want to be.


Teaching you a Thruster is certainly something that we will do. It is not however, a main focus of this gym.  Fitness is an amazing byproduct that comes when we focus on the right things.


During our Nutrition challenge, Morgan and I focused on 5 things.

  1. Following a meal plan
  2. Moving twice a day (workout)
  3. Drinking a gallon of water
  4. Daily reading
  5. Taking a progress photo daily

We did not focus on losing weight or getting more fit, but since we focused on the right things, we collectively lost 10% Body Fat, 26 Pounds and our workouts improved drastically. Our mindset was tested but we knew with focusing on the things within our control and the list of items above, we could improve our health and overall well-being during the challenge. 


We cannot wait to be a part of your journey in 2020 and look forward to helping you focus on the right things. If you do, we promise you will have Everlasting Fitness into your later years!


~ Coach Bret & Morgan


What’s new for 2020??



Yes, we are still Crossfit Everlasting.

Yes, we are still a registered CrossFit affiliate and that will not change. We support CrossFit and they support us. So why the change?  

Everlasting Fitness is the umbrella company which is now supporting Crossfit Everlasting. It is supporting our Everlasting Nutrition programs along with other avenues that we may decide to go down. Everyone has a friend or two that will not come to the gym with you because of the word CrossFit, correct? Those that do and see that it’s not so bad end up believers. We are trying to lower that hurdle and lower the intimidation factor of CrossFit.



You asked for more GRIT in your life. GRIT will now be twice a week! Tuesday at 5pm and Thursday at 6pm.



Most workouts will have a name associated with them so you can track them easier in your TRIIB app. Also, strength pieces such as a heavy 5 rep will record as such when you log them making it easier to go back and look at previous results.



The TRIIB app itself will be completely updated. I won’t go into too much detail since I have no control over this one but it looks much more user friendly. The IOS version is supposed to be ready before the 1st.  Android will be releasing later (I’ll keep you posted).



Weekday Endurance class will be back when the weather improves (get ready to run)!



Training for something specific? Marathon, Spartan Race, Triathlon, CF competition, wedding? Or just want help with technique and learning new/advanced skills? 

  • 30 minute “Skill Sessions” are now available with select coaches for $40.  
  • 60 minute “Personal Coaching” sessions are available with select coaches for $75. Any topic can be covered – fitness, mindset, nutrition etc.



Want to attend your favorite coaches class?  Be sure to check the schedule on your TRIIB app for some updates to the schedule!

Coaches Corner

Are you off the Wagon?

Has it been awhile since you have been to the gym? It doesn’t matter why –  injury, laziness, busy with life, etc. Does it feel like a daunting task to go back? You are not alone, this is a pretty common thing after a prolonged break from whatever fitness thing you are into.
So how do you make that first step back in? Deep down or maybe not so deep for some people, you have a reason to exercise. It was the reason you signed up in the first place. Maybe you wanted to lose weight, or gain weight or meet people in the community. Maybe you “should” be physically fit for your job, or maybe you want to be healthier to play with your grand kids. Maybe you have some life goals as well, like running a marathon or completing a Spartan Race. It might not be something you have shared with anyone, but you definitely know what that reason is.
Do you feel like you are starting over? So what? Start over. At least you are back on the path to finding, discovering or reaching your WHY.  Everyone encounters set backs in their life but if you gave up every time things got hard, what would you accomplish?
Revisit your reason or your “WHY”, is this still something you want? If so, lets do it! And if you have never considered your “WHY”, sit down and write down a few goals to close out 2018, and jump start your list for 2019. After you’ve determined some goals – right down your WHY – Why are they your goals? Why are you trying to accomplish them? Who are you doing this for? When thinking about these things, also think about what motivates you? What drives you to be a better version of yourself?
Grab a friend or a coach, tell them when you are going and keep yourself accountable. Get yourself a calendar and cross out everyday you go. Go 15 times this month. It doesn’t matter if you go sit in the corner and stretch because you are sore. You got up, you went, and you are recreating a habit and working towards your goals.
Start today – don’t wait! You will never ALWAYS be Motivated, you have to LEARN to be Disciplined!