Comparing Yourself to others in the Gym

We are talking exercise performance here.  Comparing yourself physically is a whole other topic.
Everyone starts somewhere.  Some people come in brand new and excel quickly, some take a bit longer.  There are sooo many factors at play that it is really impossible to compare apples to apples.
-What is your previous exercise history?
-What’s your diet like?
-How often do you workout?
-Are you doing this for Fun? Fitness? Sport?
-What’s your age?
-How’s your health?
-What’s your body type? Ectomorph/Mesomorph/Endomorph
-What do you do for the other waking hours of the day? Active/Desk job
-How much sleep do you get?
-Have you had previous injuries?
-What’s your stress level?
-Nanos or Metcons? Haha Just kidding
All of these things can play a huge role on how well you perform in the gym.  If you can find someone who matches you perfectly down this list, then go ahead and see how you stack up!  If not then I wouldn’t get too concerned over who beat who.
Your focus every day should be YOU against YOU.  That person is your perfect match.  You can control everything on that list and improve it from yesterday.
So instead of comparing yourself to others in your gym, how about relate to them.  Make friends, be accountability partners and keep each other motivated.
Save the ass kicking for the day you break in those new Metcons.
~Coach Bret
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