Fitting Exercise into your Daily Schedule

Our gym, Everlasting Fitness is getting ready to start a Nutrition/Exercise/Mindset Challenge.  We are looking to move 90 minutes a day.  This can be 2 workouts, a class and a walk etc.  We basically want to move our bodies for 90 minutes a day to shake up our routine.  So, I thought this might be a relevant topic as we prepare.
We are super busy these days.  Family and work usually comes first.  Most people put themselves on the back burner.  So getting in your exercise every day takes some planning on your part.  Just like your diet, if you wing it every day you are setting yourself up for failure.  If you prep your food ahead of time and plan for the week it makes it much easier to stay on track.
We all have appointments that we need to keep, hair cuts, doctor appointments, kids sports games etc.  Make yourself a daily appointment to exercise and put it in your calendar.  It can be different times every day or it can be consistent.  It depends on you and your schedule.  I like to look at my upcoming week on Sunday and plan ahead.
Monday 5:30am
Tuesday 4:00pm
Wednesday 9:30am
Thursday 5:00pm
Friday 5:30am
Saturday 9:00am
Sunday 9:00am
I’m all over the place but that’s ok because I set appointments with myself around my work and family schedule. I used to get the line “You work at the gym so you can just workout whenever you want!”.  I wish that were true! I work 50-60 hrs a week, 51 weeks a year. I have a wife, 2 kids and a dog. I run a business and try to always be involved in some kind of continuing education.
I get it, everyone is busy.
Let me ask you a question, what shows are you currently watching on TV? How many shows do you watch a week?  Take that number x 60 minutes.  That is probably a good chunk of time that could be used for exercise.
If you just said “I can’t” – go back and read my last blog
You don’t have to exercise at a gym, at my gym or follow anything in particular.  Just get out and move, or stay in and move.  Your body will thank you over and over.
Pro tip – If it’s fun, you will continue.  Make it fun.
If you need ideas or if you don’t know how to make it fun shoot me an email
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