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CrossFit will prepare you for anything life throws your way. Each day you’ll do a challenging workout that is appropriate for your fitness level. Our classes lead to lasting community relationships which will keep you accountable. Your classmates will keep you accountable and make working out fun. Each class is led by an experienced coach keeping you moving well and safe!



Endurance class is a challenging and effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness, increase stamina, and build overall endurance. It can be a great option for individuals who want to take their fitness to the next level and challenge themselves to achieve their fitness goals.


CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids class is a dynamic and engaging fitness program that helps children build a foundation of healthy habits and physical literacy, setting them up for a lifetime of active living. CrossFit Kids classes often include team-building games and challenges, promoting social interaction and cooperation among the children. The classes also aim to develop character traits such as discipline, perseverance, and confidence, empowering kids to tackle challenges both in and out of the gym.



Each month the Coaching Staff at Everlasting Fitness puts on a clinic focusing on a certain movement, skill or topic. These make up our Everlasting Movement Series. They are always FREE to current members of Everlasting Fitness.


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