I can’t = I won’t

I can’t is one of the most self defeating phrases around.  Is there really anything in this world that you cannot do?  How do you know?  Have you tried? Or do you choose to not try.  Choose to not learn how. Choose to not put in the effort.
Let’s say you did try and you failed.  Did you give up after or did you try again?  Did you ask for help?  Did you find a mentor?  Did you see how someone else has done it?
I can’t is the easy way out.  It gets you off the hook fast.  It keeps you satisfied with where you are at.  Let me ask you a question…  When was the last time you were happy after saying I can’t?
On the flip side, how does it make you feel when you can say I can?
I can’t stick to a diet = I choose not to
I can’t get a better job = I don’t want to put in the effort
I can’t do a pullup = I won’t take the time to practice
I lost 10lbs = I can, I put in the effort and stayed consistent
I got a promotion = I can, I worked for it and showed my value
I got a strict pull up = I can, I asked for help and did the extra work
Next time you catch yourself saying I can’t, stop and reset.  It takes effort but it’s so much more fun to say I can!
~Coach Bret
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