Accomplishing the Unattainable

Besides the obvious health benefits, one of the best things about fitness is when you accomplish something that you otherwise thought could never happen. Everyone, no matter your background or fitness level has some sort of “unicorn” that they think is out of reach.

Many CrossFit affiliates (not all) will help you identify progressions to accomplish your goals. The size of your goals doesn’t matter. It could be a Ring Muscle Up, walking the stairs at home without having to stop or sticking to a diet.  Taking steps in the correct direction with encouraging support is key. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We are here to help you succeed but we can’t read your mind.

So, what’s your goal? Your unicorn? Identify it and find a coach or gym that can take you there. Unsure about where to go in your area? Shoot me an email , I’d be happy to help.

When you do attain that goal, I’d love to hear about it! The confidence and strength gained from that first one will lead to many more!
Let’s go!

~Coach Bret

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