2024 Everlasting Fitness CrossFit Open

2024 CrossFit Open – Friday Night Lights – Everything else you wanted to know about the Open


The road to the CrossFit Games starts with the worldwide Open, the largest participatory sporting event on Earth. During the three-week competition, one event will be released online each Thursday, and athletes have four days to record and submit scores. Anyone who is at least 14 years old can sign up and join in the first stage of the CrossFit Games season with special divisions for teenagers, age groups, and adaptive athletes.

The Open allows hundreds of thousands of individual athletes to quantify their performance and rank themselves with peers. Separate hashtag-based leaderboards will be available for teachers, military service members, healthcare workers, firefighters, college students, law enforcement officers, and hundreds of other professions, interests, and groups. The leaderboard will also be searchable by continent, country, or user-generated hashtags. For example, athletes can search for the fittest in South America or Switzerland. (Please note: Countries are assigned to athletes based on citizenship and assigned to teams based on location.) 

The Affiliate Cup competition allows teams of athletes from each gym to compete with one another and potentially advance to the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Games. 

The 2024 CrossFit Games Open takes place from Feb. 29 – March 18, 2023. 


The top ten percent of individual Open athletes on each continent advance to the second stage of the competition, the Quarterfinals. The Quarterfinals are an online competition in which qualified athletes compete over the course of a couplw weeks, from April 3-22, 2023, for a chance to advance to the third stage, Semifinals. 

The top 60 men and 60 women from Quarterfinals will be invited to compete in-person at the North America East, North America West, and the Europe Semifinal. Thirty men and 30 women will be invited to compete at each of the Semifinals in Africa, Asia, Oceania, and South America. 

The top 40 men and top 40 women will advance to the 2024 CrossFit Games. 


Based on Open finish rank, the top 10 percent of age-group athletes worldwide in each division advance to the Age-Group Quarterfinal, to compete for a spot at Semifinals. This includes masters athletes ages 35-65+, and teenage athletes ages 14-17. The top 30 athletes in the Online Qualifier from each division will earn a spot at the online Age-Group Semifinal. 

The top 10 from each division will advance to the 2024 CrossFit Games.


• Boys and Girls 14-15

• Boys and Girls 16-17

• Men and Women 35-39

• Men and Women 40-44

• Men and Women 45-49

• Men and Women 50-54

• Men and Women 55-59

• Men and Women 60-64

• Men and Women 65+

SCALED AND FOUNDATIONS The prescribed (Rx’d) Open tests released for each applicable division will be accompanied by scaled or foundations versions. Athletes who are unable to perform a test as prescribed may choose the scaled or foundations version provided. Athletes also may finish the Open by completing any combination of tests (prescribed, scaled, or foundations).

RX (think L4 and L3)

Scaled (L3 and L2)

Foundations (L2 and L1)

2024 Everlasting In-House Team Competition!

Congrats on signing up for the 2024 CrossFit Open!  In doing so you are also part of our annual Everlasting Intramural Open Team Competition!

You all will be divided up into teams by Bret and will compete for the in house crown!

Every Friday – Mar 1st, Mar 8th and Mar 15th.  The workout of the day will be the open workout.  So if you come on a Friday you will be doing it anyway (so you might as well sign up 🙂

You may do the workout at any class on Friday but we encourage you to come between 4-7pm for Friday Night Lights.  We all get together, cheer, judge and compete with each other – it’s a blast!

If you cannot attend on Friday it will be your responsibility to secure a judge and schedule a time on Sat, Sun or Mon to complete your workout. You cannot interfere with any classes on those days.  All scores must be logged into the CF website by YOU by Monday 8pm.  Do not wait until the last minute to submit, if you are late it will not count.  Redoing the workout is not recommended unless you have a shot at advancing to the next round.  Give it your all the first time and have fun doing it.

Here is how you earn points for your team:


-Complete the workout each week in the allotted time frame (1 point per person)

-Complete the workout at Friday Night Lights (4 points per person)

Complete the Judges course and help judge (1 point per person judged – this could add up!)

You may also judge at other classes to help out, these points all count!

We need all the judges possible to make this happen!

-Dress up as a team theme/costume each week on Friday (10 points per team – min 4 people)

-Friday Open social media posts IG or Facebook.  Tag Everlasting Fitness and #yourteamname (2 points per person who posts)

-Top 3 scores each week in RX (male and female) Scaled (male and female) Foundations (male and female) 1st = 10, 2nd = 8, 3rd = 6

SHIRTS! – CrossFit is offering shirt this year but I promise ours will be better so save your order to go through EF!

2024 Open Shirts are available for preorder until Feb 26th! 

See the FB thread in our private group! or Email info@crossfiteverlasting.com with size, qty and style.

Please reach out to Bret or any Coach if you have any other questions or concerns regarding the Open!

It’s always an awesome 3 weeks!

See you there!!