10 YR Anniversary!

Save the Date! January 7th!!
As we do every year we are having our Anniversary event here at the gym! Details are below!

Stay tuned for an afterparty that night for current members!

Come out and help us celebrate!!

Everlasting Fitness is turning 10 yrs old! This is one fantastic community that keeps getting better every year!

Every year we do a Clean Ladder that everyone loves! It’s seriously exciting! So, naturally we are bringing that back!
Buuuuttt, we are tweaking it a bit to add a little more excitement! Details below!
We will do a 3 person team workout at 7am and 11am

The tentative schedule will be as follows:
6:30am Doors open
7:00-8:00 Team WOD
8:30 Clean Ladder
11:00-12:00 Team WOD

Details on the Clean Ladder:
Ladies will have 9 bars to clear. Power clean or squat clean is allowed.

NEW, you will have 90 seconds at each bar to make your lift. If you know you aren’t making the next lift there will be sets of 5lb and 2-1/2lb plates along the ladder to add and PR your clean!
Guys will have 10 bars, same rules apply.
Anyone that clears the ladder will be able to continue by adding on to the last bar, must be 10lbs at a time. (so the next weight would be 215/315)

Team WOD will be a version of the Mid Atlantic Masters Classic workout “Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge”
3 person Team:
1 person will be Rowing at all times.
The other 2 will be on the AMRAP of:
10 T2B (Ab Mat Sit Ups)
6 Burpee D-Ball Box Get Overs 40″
*Switch places at any time

Who is excited??

~All past members are invited and welcome!
~Everyone interested in Everlasting Fitness is invited and welcome! (All fitness levels will be accommodated)
(Clean ladder requires some experience)

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