Is COVID in your GYM? Of course it is, it’s everywhere. If your gym is telling you differently, then they are lying! What matters more is how they are handling it. Do they have planned action steps in place or are they unprepared and winging it?

As you know, the nation is spiking with cases and we are here in Maryland as well. By now I’m sure it’s safe to say that everyone knows someone who has contracted the virus.

Here at Everlasting Fitness we have had a few members test positive. Those members did the right thing and let us know. We notified the class they were last in (if applicable) and anyone that they were in direct contact with individually. To our knowledge we have had zero transmission issues. 

We have sectioned off 24 blocks, 7ft x 12ft for everyone to have their own space while working out in class. Every station has a 45# and 35# barbell, 225lbs of weights, a pvc pipe and access to a squat rack. If the workout calls for an extra piece of equipment like a bike, rower, kettlebell or box the athlete will own that piece for the duration of the class. At the end of class everything is wiped or sprayed down with disinfectant, the floor is cleaned and is left fresh for the next class to come in 30 minutes later.

Masks are required in every portion of the gym except for the athlete’s designated workout area. We deem it a hazard to exercise with a mask on and do not require it. However, if someone chooses to, that is their right.

We ask that everyone wash their hands frequently and to abstain from coming to the gym if you do not feel well regardless of the symptoms.

Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer have been expensive and hard to find but we have secured enough to get us through the winter. Our members and coaches have been a crucial part in our success during this time as they take pride in our facility and community by helping clean their station after workouts.

Our next step was to institute temperature checks when athletes come into the building. This has been going extremely well and we appreciate everyone’s willing participation!

Recently we took another preventative measure and acquired a CO2 monitor for the gym. While CO2 levels aren’t correlated to COVID transmission risk, they are a proxy metric that tells you how often the air is exchanged in the gym. If our CO2 levels are lower, we have better air exchange and thus lower risk of COVID transmission. What we have found is with our 10,000 sq ft facility, our CO2 levels are normal even when the gym is closed up. When we have the doors cracked and the fans on, our CO2 levels are almost equivalent to being outdoors. Yes, we know it’s cold out and the doors are cracked but we think it’s a good trade off!

Overall, 2020 has been a rough year and full of new challenges for gyms. Some gyms did not survive the summer, others will not survive this winter. The ones who took action, embraced change and kept their members best interest at heart are the ones who will come out on top. We are all anxious for a better 2021 and we will do everything in our power to provide a safe, supportive, encouraging place for you to make lasting bonds and build Everlasting Fitness.

Happy Holidays

Coach Bret Lurz


The Voice in your Head

“As you listen to that voice in your head, that voice becomes your best or worst coach. Nobody will coach you more than that voice. If that voice was projected over the loudspeaker, would you be proud of it?

– Ben Bergeron.

Have you ever found yourself mindless scrolling through social media until a post comes along and grabs your attention? Well, this quote did just that for me while looking for “fitness motivation”. And by
“fitness motivation”, I mean I actually searched “Ben Bergeron quotes” on Pinterest. Yes, true story, but that’s besides the point. We are all typically our own worst critics. We’ve all heard this before, but have you ever paid close attention to what you tell yourself during the day? Or, for the purpose of this post, during a workout?

There is power in positivity, so why do we so often resort to negative thoughts/self talk during a workout? Ever since becoming a coach, I’ve sometimes felt like quite the hypocrite when it comes to this quote. I will tell you, “you CAN do this, to keep going, to stay strong, dig deep”, etc all class long. But, when it comes to my own workouts, that voice can quickly change into: “gosh this sucks, why are you so damn out of breath right now?, why can’t you go faster?, why are you
still resting? PICK UP THE BAR” I will physically start to shake my head when I feel like I should be doing better (just ask Coach Meg, she saw me do this). Sound familiar during your workouts? Maybe. Let’s keep going.

Think back to a day when you could barely perform or string together a movement that typically came easy for you? Or the weight on the barbell felt SO heavy when usually light? For me, one day in particular pops into my mind. The WOD was called “Flight Simulator” and it goes as follows: 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-5 unbroken DU/SU’s for time. A workout of straight double unders? Sweet, I got this. 5…10…15…20…25…26, 27, 28, gosh, I could do this all da– and then it happened. I broke the set not once, not twice, but three times. I started to feel defeated by the workout. At that moment I knew, or at least told myself, I wasn’t going to finish the workout. The amount of obscenities coming into my mind (and let’s be real, out of my mouth) was absurd. So, what was the most logical thing to do in the moment? Grip those handles harder than ever, violently whip that rope up and around my body and show it who’s boss, right? Hard no. All I ended up with was what seemed like hundreds of rope marks on my shins and a time capped workout at 20min. I left in a sour mood with thoughts of how badly I had just failed that workout.

I’ll let you in on a little not-so-secret secret. We have the ability to control our thoughts and the voice in our head. The pressure we may put on ourselves before and during a workout? We create it. No, it’s not easy to change our thoughts especially in the middle of a tough workout, but it is something worth practicing.

Fast forward to the second time “Flight Simulator” came around. I knew I had to change something in order to finish the workout. Was I any better at double unders? Maybe, but not likely. Was I using a better rope? No sir, same one. Was I able to change my self talk during the
entire workout? You bet I was. After every single round I told myself, “breathe, stay calm, you only have to do 5 more reps than that set”. And guess what magical thing happened? I finished Flight Simulator completely unbroken. The “you suck at double unders…you can’t finish the workout…you might as well give up” voice turned into “just five more reps…you freaking got this…breathe and do another set, just like the last.”

Have I mastered the art of positive self talk and mindset? Heck no, but I have experienced what can happen when you switch that negative voice to a positive one. To the voice you want to hear over the loudspeaker, not the one you’d be embarrassed of others hearing. It can be as simple as, “Wow, this sucks. But I CAN do it. I AM doing it. Just keep going.” As a coach, I can encourage you all workout long, but a little positivity from that coach in your noggin’ helps a helluva lot
too. Whether you are trying to hit a PR or simply trying to finish a workout, don’t lose grasp of what your mind says to you. Don’t let it tell you that you can’t or that you won’t. I challenge you to try it out next time you workout. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, grab a few friends and give Flight Simulator a whirl.

~Coach Jennifer DiNizio


The Struggle is Real

Even before the onset of COVID-19 and shut-downs, isolation, and uncertainty, we have all often heard (and used) the phrase “The struggle is real!” It is a cute hashtag, a camaraderie builder, and even an excuse. But what does it really mean, and what is it really about? Food
choices? Relationship problems? Going to work each day for a job you don’t love? Or feeling unable to have tangible goals in the gym with an inconsistent schedule? Often, then, after lamenting the “struggle,” comes the question of “How do I overcome the uncomfortable?”

I was recently re-reading my old blog, and I was reminded of the many times our dog Misty has helped me answer that question. I take Misty jogging if the weather isn’t too hot, and she loves the opportunity to smell the smells and earn a hard nap. I’ve never been one to really enjoy running, but I push myself to go a couple of times a week for the challenge, as well as the physical (and mental) growth. Having Misty along gives me a partner, and more importantly, someone else to focus on during something that doesn’t excite me.

One April morning Misty and I went for a run. On this particular day, the struggle really WAS real. I didn’t want to go, but she clearly did. I would have been quite content going for a (much preferred) walk, listening to the birds and looking for the first signs of Spring. But alas, she was pulling on her leash, making it clear we were going to jog. We got onto our 3 mile out-and-back course, with me trying to figure out how I would get through this without being annoyed at myself, the process, and at Misty. However, the more I watched Misty, and the more I coached her through the run, I came to realize I had made a decision to be led. I followed her up the hills because I really had no choice—I could have walked, but I would have slowed down HER
progress (and her excitement), and I would have been annoyed at myself for getting in her (and my own) way. And because of that decision, I ultimately served myself better, so that the rest of
my day—in my roles as a parent, a wife, a friend, a business owner—went more smoothly. In that decision, I put aside my “know better” and my plans, and I let someone else guide me to a better end result.

This run, this lesson, was less about being in charge and was more about being a follower. I recognized that sometimes we have to lean on others, trust in their guidance, and listen to their nudges that get us through “the suck.” Whether it is fitness, work, love, or just life, your
foundation of strength comes from within. However, the supporting structures—those things and people that make your foundation strong even on days it feels rocky—are important too. Big things can be achieved by accepting help when it is offered… and allowing others to give you their strength is not only a gift to you, but to them as well.

During this time when we might default to “The struggle is real!” even more than ever, are YOU willing to rely on others? Where can you become better in putting aside your “use-to-could” and be coachable, both in the gym and in life? In what ways can you put aside expectations, and instead, follow someone else’s lead for a better end result?

Uncertain times don’t make the struggle any more real than it has ever been. Instead, uncertain times offer us each an opportunity to give ourselves grace to re-learn what we think we know, grow stronger in areas we didn’t know we need to grow, and to lean on each other for those days when we don’t know where we can grow, how we can do better, or what lesson we can learn.

~Coach Meg Smith


Future of Fitness

We all know that we are living in a different world right now. We have never gone through anything quite like the pandemic of 2020 and the question is how long will it last? I have heard up to 2 years…

There are a couple pieces of this that create FEAR and ANXIETY.  One is the UNKNOWN. We fear the unknown. We get anxious over the unknown.Not knowing what is happening, who may have it, how long will it last and how will it change the world?

The other is CHANGE. We fear change. We get anxious over having to change.My daily routine needs to change. My job needs to change. My expenses need to change. My habits need to change. My workout routine needs to change.

So how do we combat this fear and anxiety? We have to embrace change and we have to be ok dealing with the unknown to some extent. We cannot predict or know everything that is going to happen. As much as some of us love to try and control everything in our lives, we will have to ease up a bit. We also cannot wait for everything to go back to normal. How can you adapt to the current situation and come out on top? Start with the big things like your family, your job and your health.

We at Everlasting Fitness would love to help you as much as we can and your health is where we come in. Your physical fitness, your nutrition and your mindset. When we first opened in 2012 we were a gym and now almost 8 years later we have evolved from being just a gym to providing coaching services in areas of Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset.

Looking for a gym? Planet Fitness is down the street (for now).  

Looking for help achieving your goals? Let’s go!

The honest truth is, the fitness industry has to change right now and if a fitness related business wants to survive, they’re experiencing change in one way or another. The hard truth is, the way you are used to working out will change. Can you adapt and overcome? Will you let the fear of change hold you back? If you get into a hole now, it only makes it harder to get out of later. Why not embrace change now and let’s see where this thing goes? Let’s see how far we can go!

If you are a member of our community, you have certainly seen some changes. You will see more as we go because we are not afraid to change. We want to be here for you and we will fight to do that.
If you are not a member of our community, we would love to show you a better way. Reach out to us for a FREE consultation and we can discuss your goals related to Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset.

~Coach Bret