Future of Fitness

We all know that we are living in a different world right now. We have never gone through anything quite like the pandemic of 2020 and the question is how long will it last? I have heard up to 2 years…

There are a couple pieces of this that create FEAR and ANXIETY.  One is the UNKNOWN. We fear the unknown. We get anxious over the unknown.Not knowing what is happening, who may have it, how long will it last and how will it change the world?

The other is CHANGE. We fear change. We get anxious over having to change.My daily routine needs to change. My job needs to change. My expenses need to change. My habits need to change. My workout routine needs to change.

So how do we combat this fear and anxiety? We have to embrace change and we have to be ok dealing with the unknown to some extent. We cannot predict or know everything that is going to happen. As much as some of us love to try and control everything in our lives, we will have to ease up a bit. We also cannot wait for everything to go back to normal. How can you adapt to the current situation and come out on top? Start with the big things like your family, your job and your health.

We at Everlasting Fitness would love to help you as much as we can and your health is where we come in. Your physical fitness, your nutrition and your mindset. When we first opened in 2012 we were a gym and now almost 8 years later we have evolved from being just a gym to providing coaching services in areas of Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset.

Looking for a gym? Planet Fitness is down the street (for now).  

Looking for help achieving your goals? Let’s go!

The honest truth is, the fitness industry has to change right now and if a fitness related business wants to survive, they’re experiencing change in one way or another. The hard truth is, the way you are used to working out will change. Can you adapt and overcome? Will you let the fear of change hold you back? If you get into a hole now, it only makes it harder to get out of later. Why not embrace change now and let’s see where this thing goes? Let’s see how far we can go!

If you are a member of our community, you have certainly seen some changes. You will see more as we go because we are not afraid to change. We want to be here for you and we will fight to do that.
If you are not a member of our community, we would love to show you a better way. Reach out to us for a FREE consultation and we can discuss your goals related to Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset.  https://crossfiteverlasting.com/

~Coach Bret