Sarah’s Everlasting Nutrition Results!

Our @birthfit Coach @_smchav_ shares a little bit about her successes dialing in her nutrition after giving birth.

“I had baby Hunter in December 2017 and gained roughly 30 lbs. over the entire pregnancy. After he was born I knew I wanted to get on some type of plan that helped me lose some of the excess baby weight, helped me keep energized and gave me a good nutritional foundation. I was back to work full time, coaching and had 3 other children in the house to worry about and was working on getting one of them off to college. Despite my schedule and chaotic lifestyle, I knew I had to get my nutrition back on track. Having Michelle and Morgan there as coaches are amazing resources, they taught me how to read nutrition labels correctly and offered great solutions and/or substitutions when I didn’t have time to sit and eat a full meal. They provided me the accountability and encouragement I needed when I found myself unmotivated and stuck. Is it hard, yes, (especially if you are like me and cannot eat the same food for every meal, every day) but, if you want the results you have to dedicate the time! My skin is clear, hair is healthy, I have more energy and I can fit into my pre-baby clothes again! My lifts are coming back and my body is healing correctly after pregnancy and birth. Thank you Morgan and Michelle for keeping me in a good mindset when it became difficult to stay on track and offering encouragement and inspiration when I didn’t.”