Megan’s Everlasting Nutrition Results!

Megan’s journey is just beginning .. she’s definitely come a long way since she started with us at CFE but this lady is on the move! Her dedication, commitment, hard work and the example she sets for her girls is admirable! Here’s a little more about her story with Everlasting Nutrition!

“I was the largest I had ever been (while not pregnant) when I started the nutrition plan with Morgan & Michelle. After my Mom passed away almost 3 years ago, I was basically binge eating. Not really eating full meals throughout the day, just complete junk whenever I wanted. I struggled with even sharing my “before” picture but if it helps lead someone else down this road to a healthy lifestyle than it’s worth my embarrassment! We all start somewhere. I still have a long way to go but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come.

While on this diet, I was able to hit PR’s in the gym, which feels incredible afterwards!! I had way more energy for my workouts during the week. Morgan & Michelle were amazing with keeping me motivated & feeling good about how I was coming along. They answered any questions I had instantly. I know I did the work but feel like I owe so much to them for their knowledge & holding me accountable! I wish I had done this sooner! “