Nina’s Everlasting Nutrition Results!

The big wins are determined by the small consistent efforts we implement in our daily life & after 12 weeks of being committed with Everlasting Nutrition – I have a big win! With the help of Morgan & Michelle, knowing my “Why”, being patient and following the Everlasting Nutrition plan – I am feeling better than I ever have in and out of the gym, increased my strength, hitting new PRs and lost almost 10lbs in the process! I’ve been Crossfiting for 5 years but feel like I didn’t look the part due to my dieting. Initially, I just wanted to lean out, but when I felt the huge difference in my energy, noticed my performance in the gym was better than it ever was & I was hitting/improving all my lifts, that became my “Why.” Mo & Michelle were there every step of the way. They provided solutions when I had to eat out for family birthday’s & celebrations, answered all my questions, and made the process super easy. When I’d slip up – they were direct, honest & supportive reminding me to just focus on getting to that next meal..and then the next..before you know it, it’s another day down! Thanks to Mo & Michelle, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, new motivation at the gym, and a new lifestyle that I will continue to follow. If you’re thinking about it, do it! You are worth the investment and you will have the best support and coaches you could hope for with the Everlasting Nutrition program!
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