Ashley’s Everlasting Nutrition Results!

12 weeks ago I made the best decision – to learn how to properly fuel and treat my body. Before starting I was afraid I would be all alone in the process and be restricted to eating dry chicken breasts! Absolutely not the case!
1. M&M gave me a DETAILED variety of foods and meals, I never felt deprived.
2. I made a great new friend Megan, who was on this journey with me. It was nice to have extra accountability while also having a battle buddy who understood what you were trying to accomplish.
3. Anytime I had questions or felt push back from others who were not on this journey with me, M&M re-focused me reminding me where I started and to, “ figure out what you want out of life and to pursue it unapologetically. It doesn’t matter if its not inline with everyone else’s beliefs about whats right in life. This is your ride, not theirs.”

I believe the most important take away was the knowledge I gained about the value of food and how to be kind to your body, so it can in turn, be the best for you. I’ve never made a better decision regarding my health. As I weighed in the last morning, it was oddly bittersweet, however, I know M&M will always be there for me and that the best is yet to come! Morgan and Michelle were right all along….. “ lighter and stronger by the end.”