Rich and Lauren’s Everlasting Nutrition Results!

Teamwork makes the dream work! These two rocked it together and lost a combined total of almost 24 pounds! Great job Rich & Lauren!

“After giving birth, I worked hard (dieted and exercised) trying to lose my baby weight and return to my pre-pregnancy weight. I was stuck with five pounds that I couldn’t shake and I noticed my weight was distributed differently. I wasn’t happy with my performance in the gym or how I looked. I spoke to Rich about the nutrition plan at Everlasting and he agreed to do it with me (he had baby weight to lose also  ). We took the jump, with me joining Everlasting and starting the nutrition plan after I finished breast feeding and we celebrated C’s first birthday. We dropped a combined 23.6 pounds. Morgan & Michelle were fabulous while being easily accessible with answering all our questions, helping us decide what to eat when we would go out to dinner with friends, monitored us while we went on vacation, etc. I’m beyond happy with the results of the program! I haven’t been this comfortable in my body in a long time. We definitely could not have gotten here on our own and appreciate all of the support and growth M&M provided to us throughout the entire process.”