Tom’s Everlasting Nutrition Results

The last 12 weeks on the Everlasting Nutrition plan has definitely changed my outlook on how your diet can significantly increase your performance in the gym and quality of life. Physically I feel great, losing close to 18 lbs makes a huge difference! I would say I now fall asleep faster and sleep better, in turn I have more energy throughout the day. Biggest change I would say is the ability to be more competitive in WODs and not get so fatigued as fast. I’m pretty sure I PR’d everything. However, I hit 300# on my back squat, I can regularly do bar MU and hit a couple ring MU as well. Besides getting used to the meal prepping it was really easy to follow the program and actually became easier than trying to figure out what you were going to eat that day. Morgan and Michelle were awesome to work with and answered any and all of my questions. They were helpful in holding me accountable and knowing when to move me on to the next phase of the program without ever making me feel like I was starving. I cannot express the amount of confidence that this program has given me in the gym and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for that extra edge to better themselves in and outside of the gym.