You are Incredible

As a parent, I love watching Disney and Pixar movies and realizing their messages.  Some are hidden and some are pretty obvious.  Nonetheless, the writing and thought put into most of these movies is awesome.  

 Currently my 2-1/2 yr old is obsessed with the Incredibles, mostly Jack Jack.  The Incredibles is a family of superheroes with different powers, Jack Jack is the baby who is currently uncovering his powers.  The movie circles around society forcing the superheroes underground because they don’t understand the good that they are trying to accomplish.

  Winston, the billionaire superhero advocate asks the Supers what is the number 1 reason why the supers were forced underground?  Without thinking the Dad (Bob aka Mr. Incredible) blurts out IGNORANCE!  WInston says Wrong, it’s Perception.  The public only sees what the mainstream media wants you to see.  They don’t see your struggles, your fight and your triumph.  We need to show the world what you see so they understand.

  Obviously since I own a CrossFit gym I relate this to my business.  Why is the general public afraid or intimidated to try CrossFit?  Often, owners and coaches get frustrated by the public not seeing things the way they see them.  But, it’s not out of ignorance.  It’s Perception.  What they see is the CrossFit Games which are some of the most dedicated and talented athletes in the world.  Chiseled abs, muscular men and women, making ridiculously hard workouts look easy.  What they don’t see is the local gyms with kids, grandparents, business men and women, stay at home moms and dads working their butt off to be healthy.  We all have our struggles, we fight and we triumph just on another level. Our level.  That is what local CrossFit gyms are all about, succeeding on your own level.

  So, here is what I ask.  Let’s change the perception of local CrossFit.  If you are a gym owner or coach, gather some short clips of your members stating their favorite part about CrossFit.  Publish it on your social media and let’s make superheroes out of your members.  If you don’t belong to a gym send a clip to me and I’ll publish it.  If you love CrossFit, you can also share this post and state your favorite part so the world sees CrossFit through your eyes!

No matter what level you are on, your struggles and triumphs matter!  

No matter what level you are on, if you are trying, you are INCREDIBLE!

Thank you!

Bret Lurz

Founder/Head Coach

Everlasting Fitness