Congrats on making it through the 2023 CrossFit Open! Whether you competed or just watched us we appreciate your support!

Congrats to our March Member of the Month – Matt Schroeder!

Matt has adapted a new approach to his fitness, incorporating mobility, recovery and making smarter choices in his workouts!

Keep up the good work Matt!

~Here is our Committed Club for March! 20 or more check ins (workouts) per month gets you on the list! Congrats to March’s Committed Club!

Donna Clendaniel34
Jeffrey St. Clair30
Amanda Sosnin28
Steve Dickerson26
Derien Pratt24
Lauren Stasio24
Matt Schroeder24
Rachel Darda24
Jason Davis23
Joan Nicoli23
Krystyna Brooks23
Steve Handshoe23
Tony George23
Christina McEwen21
Eric Huling21
Katie Davis21
Pam Simper21
Ryan Hodgson21
Shane Hedrington21
Sue Barnard21
David Barnard20
Guy Danna20
Jennifer DiNizio20
Joanne Baker20
Karyn Schell20
Michelle Cook20
Paul Kagan20
Zeus Paredes20

Reminder! 12 NOON class is now Monday-Friday! Hope to see you there!