End the Sentence

Coming into the gym takes its own kind of prep work. We talk about nutrition, hydration,
planning to attend, registering for class, checking in, changing clothes, taping up, catching up
with friends, talking about how we have envisioned the workout going…and then finally the prep
work is done. It’s time to get after it!

Maybe we came to class with high expectations…visions of our personal best, or better than our
buddy that challenges us every day. Or hopes of finally getting that elusive rhythm in our
Doubles Unders, or our Toes to Bar, or our breathing to ‘survive’ the run. Or perhaps we come in
with the CrossFit jinx of “It doesn’t look like it’ll be too bad!!” And sometimes we are right. The
workout goes well, our bodies feel strong, and the Programming Gods have allowed us to
conquer the workout. And sometimes, we are completely wrong.

When the workout does not go as planned, when we fail at a weight we often easily lift, or the
reps just don’t mesh like we expect, or something aches that hasn’t bothered us in a long time,
or we fall victim to “use-to-could” (my personal nemesis), or worst of all, we compare ourselves
to others in the room, we lose sight of progress.

As a coach, when I ask how the workout felt, I so often hear “The box jumps felt good but I
should have done better” or “I felt pain in my leg but I should have just kept going” or “It felt
great, but I should have gone heavier.” While I recognize both parts might be true, I encourage
you to End The Sentence.

Our fitness journeys will always humble us. We would never make any gains without the
challenges, frustrations, and disappointments. But we’ll also fail to make gains if we forget to
End The Sentence. Next time you have a win in a workout, OWN IT! Feel free to acknowledge
where things could have gone better, heavier, faster, but not at the expense of recognizing the
good, too.

I challenge you to reframe your answer. “I worked hard. (PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE) I think
I can lift heavier.” “The box jumps felt good. (PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE) I can go faster
next time.” “It went great! (EXCLAMATION! END OF SENTENCE) I’m going to catch him next

In our gym, we want to challenge you to be better, stronger, healthier. We also want to challenge
you to see the path where that is possible, without tripping over your ‘buts’. So instead, End The

Want to talk more about your gym (or life) mindset? Reach out and let me know!
-Coach Meg