December Sum Up!

~We had a great donation for Toys for Tots this year! Thank you for participating!

~The 12 Days of Christmas WOD was great as usual and a ton of you tackled it!

~Congrats to our Member of the Month Shane Hedrington!!

Shane is Mr. Consistent and you can count on seeing him at 4 or 5pm most days, some days with his daughters!

Shane will push through anything we throw at him and will still leave smiling!

Great work Shane! Keep it up!

~Here is our Committed Club for December! 20 or more check ins (workouts) per month gets you on the list! Congrats to Decembers Committed Club!

Bret Lurz26
David Barnard26
Jeffrey St. Clair25
Krystyna Brooks25
Lauren Stasio25
Adam Taylor23
Joan Nicoli23
Michelle Cook23
Shane Hedrington23
Steve Dickerson23
Amanda Sosnin22
Elaina Heslin22
Amber Weaver21
Anthony Huling21
Derien Pratt21
Katie Davis21
Sue Barnard21
Joanne Baker20
Paul Kagan20

Keep working hard! Let’s make this Committed Club list longer in January!

Coach Bret