Bond, Encourage, Support

Bond, Encourage, Support

Have you ever paid attention to our core values at Everlasting Fitness?  Three simple words can say a lot.  Our mission is to improve people’s lives by coaching fitness, nutrition, and mindset in a safe, friendly environment where together, we can guide you to your goals. We do that every day because the value we provide is our coaching, not just access to space and equipment.  We coach our members in Group Fitness Classes, 1-on-1 Personal Training, Accountability in Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits, and how a growth mindset can lead to improvements mentally and physically over time.

Our coaches work with members to help get them out of pain, lose weight, get stronger and feel better whether their goal is to have the ability to play with their kids, grandkids and dogs for years to come, compete in CrossFit competitions, or anything in between.  These are fantastic and worthy physical elements, and support our mission.

Our coaches and staff are our leaders, however, our members are our backbone.  I wear several hats at Everlasting Fitness: General Manager, Group Coach, Personal Trainer, Accountability Coach, but the one I’m most proud of is Member.  I am part of the amazing group of people that makes the culture at Everlasting Fitness what it is.

While we are moving our bodies to get stronger, feel better and be able to physically do the things we may have never thought possible, we are also there for one another.  We are creating BONDS that go beyond the 1 hour of time that we spend working out together in the gym.  We check in on each other when someone isn’t in class for a while, or make sure they have a ride if their car is in the shop.  We know about each other’s families, kids, schools, and activities, and take the time to ask how things are going.

When we are in the gym, we cheer for each other’s accomplishments, and even failures, because we know they’ll get it next time.  We ENCOURAGE the newest member just as much as the member who has been here the longest, and welcome them to be part of our family.  If someone is struggling, we are right there next to them (literally and figuratively) helping them get through.

What has shown me the most about our culture here at Everlasting, is the SUPPORT we give one another.  We hold each other up when going through difficult times in life like battling illness, surgery, divorce, and death.  And we celebrate the great times together such as recovery, marriages, births, and forever homes.  Personal transformation is happening all around us and we are here to support our friends.

All of this while working on ourselves, mentally and physically, to be good examples to those around us – whether they are the newest members of our gym, or our kids who see us taking care of ourselves and showing them how it’s done.

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Lisa Collins

Everlasting Fitness

General Manager & Coach, CF-L2

Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer