2021 Barbell Brawl Games

Wow, what a ride we have been on for the past year! This time last year we had vendors in place and many teams registered for the 2020 Brawl. Unfortunately it couldn’t happen last year so we gladly refunded everyone in hopes of better chances this year.
Well here we are! We have had a year to practice our cleaning, temperature checking, social distancing, mask wearing and indoor air flow skills. I must say we get pretty good at things when you have to! We hope all of you are in good health and have been able to keep up on your fitness!
Even though it looks like we’ll be able to have some freedom at the 2021 Brawl, there will still be some major differences from years past. Let’s lay it out…

  • Saturday May 22nd is game day. In the past we have had 80-100 teams competing. This year we will limit game day to 48 teams. Those 48 teams will consist of 16 RX, 16 Scaled and 16 Novice. Should we not have 16 in a certain category we will expand the others to equal 48.
  • Teams can consist of Male/Male, Male/Female or Female/Female

***In order to fill the team spots we will hold an online qualifier. The top 16 from each division (RX/Scaled/Novice) will be invited to compete on Game Day. Should you qualify and not accept your invite, we will backfill the spot from the next in line. Each team member will do their qualifier separate, your scores added together will be the determining factor to get you in on Game Day.***

  • Costs:
    • Qualifier $30/each (3 workouts)(includes spectator pass on game day should you not qualify)
    • Game Day Team spot $150/Team
  • Game Day Plan:  We will have vendors per usual. Spectators will be limited. While inside the building masks will be required and we ask that you respect each other’s personal space. We are making your workout lanes HUGE this year so no need to workout with your mask (unless you want to). We will have separate equipment for each team member but there will be some exceptions like sharing a bike/rower, etc (be sure you are ok with that prior to registering). All equipment will be wiped down between heats. Tents/Team areas will have to be outside.  
  • What to Expect: A stellar competition with fun workouts, solid judging, DJ Ryan pumping you up and MC Joe Farinetti on the mic!
  • Timeline
    • 3/16 Registration for online qualifier begins
    • 4/1 – Qualifier workouts are released
    • 4/15 – Qualifier registration ends and scores are due
    • 4/19 – Qualifier results are announced and invites go out
    • 4/23 – Invites are due and unclaimed spots are backfilled
    • 5/22 – Game Day!

We are more than excited to have you all back to Everlasting!

See you soon!

Division Standards

RX: RX means you can do a vast majority of named CrossFit workouts as prescribed. Chest to bar pull ups for both men and women, T2B, HSPU, double unders, Ground to overhead 135# men or 95# women. Deadlift for reps 225# for men and 155# women.

These are working weights, not a 1 rep.

Scaled: Scaled means you scale your workouts often. Events will be a scaled version of the RX division. As a rule of thumb, you should be able get through pull ups in a WOD and do multiple reps of ground to overhead at 95# men or 65# women and deadlift 185# men or 135# women. K2E, Box Jumps, Wall Balls 20/14, double unders

Novice: This is for all ages with under 2 competitions experience. Perfect for your first time. Jumping Pull Ups, Wall Balls 14/10, Box jumps or Step Ups, Full depth squats

Interested in being a sponsor and/or a vendor at the event? Email info@crossfiteverlasting.com for more info.

Interested in being a judge? We will be looking for qualified judges for the competition. CF Level 1 or CF Judges course is a minimum requirement. Contact info@crossfiteverlasting.com