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We believe our members can do anything they put their minds to. That’s why we provide all the tools and coaching necessary for them to achieve their goals. When we hear a great success story, our heart skips a beat. At CrossFit Everlasting, we’re more than honored to be a part of your fitness journey.

  • Ryan Hodgson

    Prior to becoming a member at CrossFit Everlasting, I was in a major rut in my exercise routine. I was participating in triathlons, marathons, and an active lifter but I was bored and searching for something new. I had read about CrossFit but I was skeptical because I was not a gymnast or an Olympic power lifter. I’d also heard stories about the injuries sustained from participating in CrossFit.

    In August 2014, I tried CrossFit Everlasting with a friend for one week and that was all I needed! The strength training and Metcon (WODs) weren’t like anything that I had previously done in the gym. Every class is taught by an excellent staff of certified coaches who are not only knowledgeable but very encouraging and want you to succeed. I love my time in this gym and I am consistently challenged every day.

    When I signed up, they told me they weren’t just a gym but a community. The voice in my head said, “That is a really a dumb idea.” But my attitude could not have been more wrong. The people at this gym are now some of my best friends who I don’t know what I would do without. We are friends outside of the gym and get together for dinners, sporting events, and other types of social gatherings. I am truly lucky to have found this place and I could not recommend it more highly.

  • Damien Walter

    I started with Bret and the CFE team in November of 2012. In the first six months, I was down from 260 to 222. I have learned what clean nutrition is, met some of the best people in the community and worked through adversity. I tore my ACL in July of 2013 and have been working hard to get back to where I was. In less than six months, I was cleared to go back to normal activities – six weeks ahead of schedule! I never stopped doing CrossFit, I just altered and scaled my workouts. Bret and the team are awesome and inspiring!

  • Mike H.

    CrossFit Everlasting is awesome. It’s a fun and exciting gym with knowledgeable trainers that seek to understand and guide you from Day One. Whether you’ve been working out your whole life, or just getting into fitness for the first time, the trainers adapt to meet your individual needs and skill level. In addition to a great staff, the members are just as welcoming and fun to be around. You don’t feel intimidated by anyone. Everyone is competitive but down to earth at the same time. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and have fun in a supportive environment, CrossFit Everlasting is the place to be.

  • Lindsey Buettner

    I started CrossFit two years ago because I was sick of my same old, generic gym routine and wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. I wanted a workout that made me feel accomplished and strong and challenged me physically and mentally. I joined CrossFit Everlasting because my sister and brother in law belonged there but little did I know I was joining an amazing “CrossFit family.” The coaches and members were extremely welcoming and motivating. Right away I felt at home and couldn’t wait to hit the gym each day. Not once did I feel intimidated or weak, I felt so much support from everyone and that inspired me to push harder and conquer my fears. CFE is an incredible gym and I am thankful for all the help the coaches and members have given me. I wouldn’t want to do CrossFit anywhere else!

  • Lynn Nebel

    I started my CrossFit journey on a whim last summer when I signed up for a 6 week challenge. Like many others, I was intimidated, scared and totally thinking I would not be able to do it. When I arrived at the Box, I was greeted by Bret … such a tall dude! He immediately made me feel 100x more comfortable, told me we would start slow and build up … so of course I signed up!

    Once the challenge began, I got terribly ill and had to drop out. I was a bit devastated, feeling like a failure, wondering if he and Morgan thought I was just a quitter, etc. The entire time I was down with the sickness, Bret and Morgan would reach out through email to check on me. They let me know when the next 6 week challenge would begin and told me to get back into the Box and make it happen. Once I started to feel better, I didn’t feel like waiting weeks to get back after it so after emailing Bret and talking, I decided the best thing for me was to just bite the bullet and sign up! I did, and I have not looked back. This was a “chance” thing for me and it has changed my life.

    I know that I get stronger every day that I do a CrossFit workout, I see improvements all the time and I feel amazing! Bret, Morgan, Sarah, Toni, Michelle … these people are fantastic at their passion as coaches, they will make you dig deeper than you ever thought that you could. They are inspirational and very motivating and if you pay attention and listen to them, they will change your life! Not only do I feel and see the progress that I have made, I get a front row seat every week to watch other amazing athletes (yes, I said athletes and you will be one too) do their thing.

    The sense of community and genuine comradery is off the charts … you see, you will never feel alone, you will never feel that you are the weakest in the class because no one allows you to feel that way. Sure, there will be workouts when you are the last one to finish but you can bet that you will have the rest of the class standing around you, encouraging you and cheering you on, that’s the “IT” factor that no other gym, boot camp, fitness center … whatever has … they don’t have this wonderful community. These people have become my second family. Come on in, give it a try … you will never look back!

  • Anne H.

    At age 54, I was already feeling like a spent force. I would bend down in the kitchen to retrieve pots and pans and have to pull myself up, grabbing onto cabinet doors with both hands. Simple tasks seemed to take so much effort. “How did I let this happen?” I wondered. I had made attempts at working out, but let life events get in the way of commitment, and to be honest, I hadn’t seen much progress. I was beginning to experience brain fog and weight was accumulating. I knew this wouldn’t improve on its own as I observed others in their fifties with so many health issues. My lifestyle as a mom to a teenage son with special needs required me to be strong, but I didn’t know how to get there.

    Then I saw a 6-week challenge advertised at CrossFit Everlasting and took the plunge. I have been working out now three times weekly for almost five months and I am truly stronger than I have ever been at any time …..ever. Now if I stoop I can spring to my feet, and I feel so much stronger and more energetic. There is no way around hard work, but the environment is one of encouragement as I work out alongside men and women of all levels with everyone going at his or her own pace.

    I am no longer preoccupied with my age or limitations, but can focus on the life I have ahead of me, and I feel vigor and joy rather than just getting by each day. It is never too late to make a fresh start toward health and fitness. Thank you CrossFit Everlasting. …you have been Heaven sent and I am grateful.

  • Lindsay O.

    Crossfit Everlasting is an amazing gym. More than a gym, CFE is a community. I have been a member of three different Crossfit boxes and this is the first one that really felt like home. The reasons I am a member here are endless.

    Falling in love with CFE was actually an accident. I wasn’t looking to join a gym. A friend of mine was doing a challenge at the box. I was in the middle of a move and didn’t want a commitment but wanted to support and work out with her. I did a trial and honestly intended on moving on afterwards. Almost immediately, I knew I wasn’t going to go anywhere. I felt welcomed the moment I walked in and that feeling only continued as I met more and more coaches and members.

    The coaching at CFE is top-notch. There are certifications on the wall but the coaches have the experience and skill to back those certifications up. They cater their coaching to your individual needs whether it is your first work out ever or you are training for a competition. You always feel comfortable doing the movements asked of you.

    Bret and all of the coaching staff care about you. Bret set up a “Get Well” card for anyone to sign to mail to a member who wasn’t feeling well. At Christmas time, there was a tree with little ornaments with every member’s name on them. I realize these aren’t things you “look for in a gym” but those details matter to me. To me, those things say that I’m cared about as a person, not just a member.

  • Joe C.

    My membership at another box wasn’t working out. The workouts became too difficult and almost seemed impossible.

    At CrossFit Everlasting, the atmosphere is much more congenial, cooperative and caring. Everyone is on their own level and that’s good. I still struggle to improve but now at MY pace. I have accomplished more in 3 months than in two years at the other box.

    Try it. Go your own pace, do what you can do, THEN DO MORE!!!!!

  • Mary S.

    I’m almost 55 years old and never really got into a fitness routine. I tried regular gyms and classes at our local rec center but just got bored. I needed something that would keep my interest, but at the same time, not be discouraging. I heard about Crossfit and checked to see if there was a facility fairly close to my house — Crossfit Everlasting appeared. With a free trial I thought “What have I got to loose?” That was the end of January 2017 and I’ve been going regularly (3x/week) ever since.

    Initially I expected to feel intimidated and outnumbered by others who obviously had been doing Crossfit for some time. I definitely never thought I would be able to do the things I’ve been doing. I’ve even surprised myself. The coaches and members are always incredibly supportive and encouraging. I didn’t expect to feel the sense of community that I most certainly feel.

    Everyone has been a beginner, so we all know what it feels like to be the new kid. Try it, give it time and have fun — It’s hard work but if you stick with it, it pays off. I’m so thankful I took a chance on something that was a bit scary at first, but something that has turned into something so wonderfully positive for me both mentally and physically.

  • Chris S.

    I had been working out at CrossFit gym for 4 years in Pennsylvania, but took a new job in the area. After searching several boxes in and around Baltimore, I settled on Crossfit Everlasting because of their professionalism, modern facility, and friendly atmosphere.

    From my first drop-in class, the experience at CFE has been nothing but positive. In the midst of moving to a new state away from family and friends, I was able to quickly find a great group of people with the common goal of fitness. The experience I’ve had at CFE has definitely helped ease such a drastic life change. My previous CrossFit gym was rather small, which led to very close relationships among members. I thought by shifting to a larger affiliate like CFE I might lose that environment but I was completely wrong. Just because the space is bigger and there’s more people around, the coaches are extremely attentive, the members are just as friendly, and the facility even more well-kept.

    If you have any interest in starting Crossfit, the best advice I could give is to go for it! There is absolutely nothing to lose in giving it a try and you’ll likely find that you’re surrounded with individuals who have similar stories to your own. By making the decision to walk into an affiliate such as CFE, you’ll undoubtedly be motivated by those around you and find a group of people who will support your personal goals of becoming healthier.

  • Rhonda

    I was unhappy at my crossfit gym and felt that the programming was leaving me with unbalanced workouts, lack of training, sore overworked muscles and often injuries. I was also missing the comradery that initially drew me in and then slowly disappeared. I was feeling left out while the attention was also focused on the more advanced crossfitters. This left me feeling intimidated and like an underachiever. I set out to look for a new gym which led me to Everlasting.

    What I have experienced is knowledgeable trainers as well as balanced workouts. My form is being corrected immediately. I am finding I need correcting more often due to the lack of training at my previous gym. The enthusiasm everyone brings is contagious. Everyone pushes each other. A lot of gyms are very clicky. I did not find that at Everlasting. Everyone was friendly and helpful no matter what class I attended. I also love that Everlasting does not use Wodify to track athletes performance. I do not feel like I am being ranked any longer as the weakest or slowest. The monthly clinics are a plus for me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….I really wish my crossfit journey had started at Everlasting.

    The advice I would give is don’t just join any crossfit gym. Try different ones so you have something to compare the programming and coaching too. Find one with lots of class offerings and open gym times. Find one where you are comfortable and not intimidated. I finally decided to try other crossfit gyms which led me to Everlasting. In my opinion there is just no comparison.. I wish someone had given me this advice 3 years ago when I started.

  • David B.

    The sign and the people running through the parking lot while I was trying to get to the auto parts store. Yep, not very exciting but that is how it happened. I am not a person that worked out at all, nor did I want to! My wife however had a different plan. She was dedicated to exercising from home, and was looking for something more. She sent me on a mission to check out the gyms in the local area for BOTH of us. I visited the regulars, then remembered the crazy people in the warehouse next to my parts store. First step in the door I meet Dave. He stopped his workout and talked to me for maybe 30 minutes and I thought, this sounds exactly like what my wife was looking for. So we had our introductory classes with Bret, and we were hooked.

    Remember, I was very much out of shape, not to mention I am 55, so I expected it to be difficult and I was correct! We are only three months into CrossFit, so we very much still feel like beginners. I’ve learned that the workouts are always hard, after all that is why we go. I have learned to push myself further than I ever have, and my recovery time is much less than the early days when we began. I still find myself looking forward to the next workout, and improving on my skills and time.

    If you are older and out of shape like me…pace yourself. You will see a lot of fit people around you doing things you believe you will never be able to do, but you will surprise yourself. Listen to the instructors, they are fantastic and will not let you get hurt. We have found that the people at CrossFit Everlasting are a family and everyone there WILL encourage you along the way. They are invested in your success as much as you are.


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