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At CrossFit Everlasting, we offer a variety of programs to meet your specific needs. Looking to improve endurance? Increase your strength? Or get a total body workout? We provide group and individual training that will accommodate even the busiest schedule. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

  • Everlasting Foundations

    We like to give everyone a solid foundation before heading into group classes.  Our Foundations program consists of 6 classes led by a certified instructor.  You will learn lifts, the lingo, how the gym operates, some basic nutrition and tons of other helpful things to get you started on your way to classes.

    The first one is free with no obligation!

  • CrossFit

    Based on the CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity,” our CrossFit program combines strength training with the “classic” CrossFit cardio workout. For this 1-hour class, you could be working on pull-ups, rowing, burpees, and much more. Every WOD is different so you never get bored! We scale each exercise to your fitness level, so you get the maximum effect every time.

  • Everlasting Barbell

    This weightlifting class is for beginners or seasoned lifters looking to excel in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Develop your technical skill, mobility, and efficiency with a barbell. This class will take you through strength, explosive power, and endless skill development. Whether you’re looking to improve your technique or want to pursue lifting as a sport, this barbell class is for you.

  • Everlasting Strong Moms

    Focus on movement around the four pillars of BirthFit with a Crossfit base.  You do not need to be a crossfitter or be a CF Everlasting member.  Learn about nutrition, fitness, pelvic floor strengthening and mindset during pregnancy and postpartum.  Learn about functional progressions, breathwork, strength and many other things throughout the motherhood transition from preconception to years past the birth of your child(ren).  Get an idea of what movements to steer clear from during pregnancy, with symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and ab separation.  Practice various movements appropriate for postpartum healing, both physically and mentally.  You are forever postpartum!  Babies welcome, breastfeeding welcome and baby wearing encouraged!

  • Everlasting Kids

    Who says adults get to have all the fun? Our CrossFit Kids classes teach children ages 12 and under the principles of mechanics, consistency, and intensity in working out. Establishing good movements and fitness throughout their childhood is our goal. CrossFit Kids provides children with physical literacy, enhanced sports performance, and fewer sports injuries. Also, scientific research proves that exercise benefits cognitive function. So, your little athlete will do better on the field and in the classroom. Our CrossFit Kids classes will focus on children ages 12 and under.

  • Everlasting Endurance

    This cardio-based class is designed to rev your internal engine. It’s been proven that regular running and/or rowing intervals can boost gym performance. So, if you’re always out of breath and struggling to keep up, this class has your name on it.
    Based on the principles of Aerobic Capacity, you will have workouts designed for VO2 Max, Strength Endurance, Speed Endurance, Lactate Threshold and Aerobic Threshold!
  • Everlasting Grit

    This class is specifically designed for individuals who want the constantly varied, high-intensity aspects of CrossFit without the heavy lifting. This program focuses on all ten components of optimal physical fitness: endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. If you find the thought of regular CrossFit classes intimidating, Everlasting Grit is a great way to get into shape using basic bodyweight movements, plyometrics, running, rowing, jump ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls.

  • Personal Training

    Nothing gets you to your goals faster than personal training. The experienced coaches at CrossFit Everlasting will meet with you 1-on-1 to create optimal workouts that drive your success. We’ll train at your convenience with days and times that fit your schedule.

  • Open Gym

    Did you miss a training session? Need to work on a skill before class? Come on in and get it done. Open Gym allows you to make the most of our tools and fitness community. It’s free time for “Members Only” who wish to make up a WOD, work on mobility, or add strength work. Whatever the goal, put your free time to good use!

  • The Phoenix

    The Phoenix offers a free sober active community to individuals who have suffered from a substance use disorder and to those who choose a sober life. Using a peer support model, we help members heal and rebuild their lives while also striving to eliminate stigma around recovery.
    Together we……… RISE | RECOVER | LIVE

    This class is for all levels, members and non-members.  The only requirement is 48 hours of sobriety.


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