Laurena’s Everlasting Nutrition Results!

This lady CRUSHED her nutrition these past few months and her journey is just getting started! This mom of 4 sets an incredible example for her family with all of her hard work and dedication! Congrats Laurena!
“12 Weeks Ago I started the M&M (Morgan and Michelle) Nutrition Plan at CrossFit Everlasting! I didn’t want to lose any weight, but I wanted to gain muscle and strength. I am a Mom of 4 that has had 5 Pregnancies and I never thought I would ever see any one of my abs ever again let alone six of them! I even discovered muscles I never knew I had, lol!? During this time I PR’d all of my weightlifting movements, Ran a 6.5 Minute Mile Run, Handstand Walked 30ft, Climbed all the way up a rope, Did 10 consecutive Handstand Pushups, Got my Kipping Pull-ups and so so much more! The Food we eat really is Art and our bodies are it’s Canvas or That Finished Sculpture. We have the ability to turn it in to whatever we want! As 2019 is coming around and you are thinking of your goals for the next year, I encourage you to take control of the things you want and make them happen! You can do it!!! Thank you Morgan Lurz and Michelle Casler for all of your teachings, coaching, encouragement and showing me what I am capable of❤️