Rachel’s Everlasting Nutrition Results

From 165 pounds on the left to 153 on the right, Rachel killed her 12 week nutrition journey with coaches Michelle and Morgan! She lost body fat, learned how to fuel her body for her workouts and busy work schedule and made several gains in the gym during the process! Awesome job Rachel and congratulations on your hard work!

“Now I knew I would see and feel changes but I had no clue the extent of either. Day by day I was feeling less tired and less sick from food, no more of that drained/stuffed but not satisfied feeling which was a huge gain for me! I am not sure what my new 1 reps are but based off of previous 1 reps the weights feel easy now! I have managed to get double unders consistently in a workout. In the span of 15 minutes I not only did my first chest to bar pull up I proceeded to do the workout with them! In that same workout I also did the prescribed toes to bar both of which I had never done! While my goal was never related to the scale, seeing the scale go down also helped to reinforce that what I was doing was working! I could not be more pleased with my results and the knowledge I have gained!”