Matt’s Everlasting Nutrition Results

Matt fully committed himself to redefining the way he ate and his hard work surely paid off! He lost 32.5 pounds in 12 weeks working with Coaches Michelle and Morgan. Commitment, hard work and dedication – he had it all!

“In April 2017, after having done Crossfit for about a year and a half, I decided to switch to Crossfit Everlasting and was greeted with open arms from some incredible coaches. After seeing pictures of myself, how my clothes fit and overall how my body felt from poor nutrition I decided to make a change. I met with Coach Morgan and Michelle and started a journey to be a healthier person and better athlete. 12 weeks of strict clean eating and incredible coaching led to incredible weight loss and performance improvement. I am lighter, faster and overall fitter as an i thanks to their wonderful coaching and programming! To anyone who is looking for the best possible results to make a change in their lives, Coach Morgan and Michelle are the people that will show you the way!”