Laurena’s Everlasting Nutrition Results

Meet Laurena! She wanted some results and she worked with us to get them! Dedicated and Consistent! Here is what she has to say:
May 4th I had my 4th baby and she was 7lbs. 5 weeks later I had an 8mm Kidney Stone that I had blasted twice. I not only wanted to lose my baby weight from all 4 kids, but I wanted to be healthier. I never want to experience kidney stones again! (I thought I was dying). So on July 17th I started with Crossfit Everlasting and followed a meal plan they provided me with. After 6 weeks I lost 13lbs, 3″ off my waist, 4% body fat and I can see muscles! There’s no going back now, I can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks brings!