Bret’s Everlasting Nutrition Results

Our Coach Bret is also working that nutrition game! Here is what he had to say:

My lovely wife Morgan inspired me to dial in my nutrition. The results that Morgan and Michelle were getting physically and in the gym were awesome so naturally I was curious what it would do for me.
I didn’t set out to lose weight I wanted to increase performance in the gym.
On June 19th I was 215lbs, today on Aug 25th I weighed in at a lean 200lbs and 10% BF.
In that time frame my breathing got easier, my short game (anaerobic) got better, my running and longer workouts (aerobic) saw benefits and my gymnastics improved!
I PR’d Diane by 1:30, and set PR’s in Max Muscle Ups, max Pull Ups and max Handstand Push-ups. Efficiency in double unders also went way up.
Moral of the story: if you want to up your game, start in the kitchen! Thank you to Morgan , Michelle and @paulsaltercoaching for all your help and support!