Sabrina’s Everlasting Nutrition Results

The year may be coming to an end but the Everlasting Nutrition success stories continue! Sabrina and her husband Adam, (his story coming soon) teamed up to work closely with Michelle & Morgan on a 12 week diet. Here’s what Sabrina had to say:

About a year ago I felt at a low when I wouldn’t pick up my daughter or son for fear of injuring my back. I did not feel healthy physically and, on top ofeveryday stresses, my emotional wellbeing needed improvement as well. I did not know how to change it; I just knew something had to change. I took a leap and committed to the 6 week New You Challenge with Crossfit Everlasting. We made changes to our diet and a commitment to regular exercise over the last year. I didn’t set out to lose weight; I set out to feel better and get stronger.

I am incredibly proud of the hard work I’ve put in and grateful for all the support and encouragement along the way from my husband and family, our incredible coaches and community at CFE, and friends. Weight happens to be easy to measure and see, much like the 8” I lost from my waist over the last year. I’ve become 26.6 lbs leaner in the last year (14.2 lbs of that in the last 12 weeks mind you), I eat more, healthier food than I used to, and I still am feeling stronger every day! It’s hard to quantify how much better I feel. I pick up my children with ease now, often, without worry. How priceless a thing that is! And I have only seen my chiropractor maybe once in the last year.

Morgan & Michelle (M&M) – Thank you for getting us on a great nutritional path these last few months! Bret – Thank you for helping me scale everything this past year to keep pushing forward. Adam – I’m so glad we could do this together! Thank you for being my partner in all of this!

Proud to be part of a community that strives to be their best and encourages and supports others to do the same. It consistently inspires me to keep pushing forward.