Michelle’s Everlasting Nutrition Results

Meet Michelle. Michelle came to us from another gym looking for help with her nutrition goals. She committed herself to a solid 12 weeks working with coaches Michelle and Morgan and her hard work and dedication paid off! She lost 11 pounds and 7.8 inches total! Congrats Michelle! Here is what she had to say about her 12 weeks…

“After these twelve weeks I am so proud to have earned my place on team #lighterandstronger. Morgan and Michelle have been absolutely amazing with meal prep recommendations, quick responses to even the most ridiculous questions, providing me with a sense of accountability for my actions, and overall terrific support. I feel like I am eating better overall and feeling better as a result of it. It’s not an easy strict 12 weeks and we all make mistakes but they help you get back on track with your personal goals in mind.”

“This is not a “diet” where you are made to feel like you are starving or depriving yourself. In fact, initially I felt like I was eating more food than I was before starting the meal plan. You learn what foods are good to help you fuel your body.”

If I get absolutely nothing else from this (which I very much doubt), at least I can say that I realized my strong love and affinity for my nightly casein!!!!#caseinforlife (As shown in the pictures on day 1 vs day 84)