Tanya’s Everlasting Nutrition Results

Last year Tanya made a promise to herself to be healthier, fitter and feel better about herself by her 40th birthday. She started working toward that goal by joining CFE in October last year, and made huge strides improving her fitness. Three months before her 40th birthday, Tanya knew she was stronger but was at a standstill with weight loss. She decided to take I️t one step further, and dial in her nutrition. Tanya worked with coaches Morgan and Michelle for 12 weeks and was able to reach her goal, and then some! This is what Tanya has to say about her experience with Everlasting Nutrition. “Reaching out for help with Morgan and Michelle was the BEST decision ever. The support from these two is just phenomenal. Having them both at my fingertips to answer questions made the 12 weeks so much easier. They helped me understand the right way to eat and fuel my body. They held me accountable, and guided me to success! I️ lost 12 pounds and 8 inches off my waist. I️ am sleeping so much better, my mood is improved, I️ have increased energy, and I️ am becoming a regular in Sport workouts! More importantly, for the first time in 40 years, I️ am comfortable in my own skin. Morgan and Michelle gave me the knowledge, confidence, and push I️ needed to get over the slump I️ was in, and for that I️ am forever grateful.”

“Thank you to all the coaches and members. You may not realize, but after every workout- every high five and every ‘good job’ goes a long way for someone who thought crossfit was impossible.”