Adam T’s Everlasting Nutrition Results!

I was pretty happy with my weight, although I did feel “skinny fat” – I just accepted it as my body type. My goal was to increase my energy during the day. My job as a real estate agent has me constantly on the go and I basically used coffee and protein bars as my fuel. Needless to say when I met with Morgan and Michelle I found out I was not eating enough and why I struggled in my workouts. In late October, I started their nutrition program amongst tons of nay sayers telling me not to do it during the holidays. I realized this was the BEST time to do the program because the most obstacles and challenges would be thrown at me to test my will power. At first I was overwhelmed at all of the food I had to eat. I was able to adapt rather quickly to this and started feeling better in workouts. I then started to feel more energetic during the day which allowed me to perform better at work. As a single dad of 3, my dinners with my family in the past consisted of tacos, tuna helper, chicken nuggets and pizza as these were quick and easy meals. Getting rid of the processed junk and protein bars helped me feel better and see results quickly. I was determined and wouldn’t let anyone interfere with this commitment! Then the momentum kicked in and I started PR’ing multiple lifts and challenges in the gym. Friends started complimenting me and the numbers on the scale kept getting lower. During the 12 weeks even while being injured during the last 4 of my program I lost 9lbs and set 5 PR’s. My clothes essentially started falling off of me too! I dropped from a 34/35” waist down to a 31” waist in 12 weeks. I was not prepared to buy a new wardrobe but ecstatic to do it. I haven’t fit into 32” pants since high school over 20 years ago. This program is real and it works!!! I’m just a regular almost 40 yr old, 9-5 working dad with a crazy busy schedule. If I can do it, you can too! Just commit FULLY and trust the process! It will be the best investment and gift you can ever give to yourself.
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