Mid Atlantic Masters Classic

Our second annual Mid Atlantic Masters Classic powered by GRIPAD will be held Saturday October 13, 2018 at our 10,400sq ft CrossFit Everlasting fitness facility.  The MAMC is a fitness competition celebrating our Masters athletes ages 35 and up.
All to often in fitness competitions the Masters category is an afterthought or not acknowledged at all.  The prizes are less, the attendance is less or they are put in the scaled category with others of all ages.
We aim to gather Masters from all over the Mid-Atlantic to throwdown together in their own age groups.  35-39, 40-44, 45-49 and 50+
                                               More if the demand is high!
This will be a partner competition.  M/M, M/F, F/F  If you are both not in the same age group, you will compete in the average of the two.
Example – Partner 1 is 55, Partner 2 is 49= AVG is 52 (50+age group)
Expect fun yet challenging workouts, a great community atmosphere with age appropriate music!
These are working weights and only examples.  Finals please expect anything 🙂
Snatch 35-44 (115/75)    45-49   (95/65)   50+  (75/55)
Clean and Jerk  35-44  (135/95)   45-49   (115/75)   50+  (95/65)
Deadlift  35-44  (225/155)   45-49   (185/135)   50+  (155/105)
Double Unders  35-49  Single Unders 50+
C2B Pull Ups  35-44   Pull Ups  45-49   Jumping Pull Ups  50+
Box Jumps 24/20  35-49    Step Ups  24/20  50+
T2B  35-49  K2E  45-49  Hanging Knee Raise (over hip)  50+
Wall Balls 20/14 to 10ft  35-44   14/10 to 10ft  45-50+

All registered athletes will a receive a t-shirt and swag bag.

*For Team Registration: ONLY the Team captain needs to register his/her team but they will need all of their partners info – email, shirt size etc

Interested in being a judge?

We will be looking for qualified judges for the competition.  CF Level 1 or CF Judges course is a minimum requirement.

Contact:  Bret@crossfiteverlasting.com

If you have questions about either judging or volunteering, please email Bret as soon as possible!

Thanks in advance!

All Judges and Volunteers will get a free swag bag, T-Shirt, food and drink.