The Cost of Fitness

Are you currently paying for a gym membership? Are you using it? Hopefully the answer was yes!
No matter whether it’s $20/month or $200/month if your using it and getting something out of it then it’s worth it. I’m proud of you!
Often, the problem with the $10 and $20 memberships is that you don’t use them. “It’s only $10/month, I’m not losing much if I don’t use it regularly.” In fact many globo gyms use this as their business model. If everyone that had a membership at the local purple gym came in on Monday they wouldn’t be able to hold them. They count on your inconsistency. Think about that statement for a second…. why would you want to give money to someone who is counting on you to fail?
I’m not saying the $200 gyms are worth it either. I’m saying that you will probably want to get a little more out of it if your paying more money.

Do your research and find the place who wants you to be consistent. The place that wants to see your face every day. The one who creates an environment that you want to go to every day. The place who wants to help you succeed.

Worried about the cost? What’s the cost of a shortened life span? What about healthcare costs when your older? If you don’t take care of your health now you will only make things harder on yourself down the road.
Spending some money now on Nutrition and Fitness can save you money later in life.
Still debating getting started? Have questions? Shoot me an email and I’d be happy to help!
-Coach Bret
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