Thank You.

Everlasting Family!

In a second, I’m going to ask for your help…again.  But first I wanted to congratulate you all on a fantastic start to 2024!  So many PR’s and wins this year it’s just amazing!  I’m proud of you and I know your other coaches are proud as well.  Speaking of them, I’m super proud of our coaching staff for stepping up this year taking on new challenges while still delivering a first class member experience to all of you!  Thank you Coaching Staff!

CrossFit Open

Let’s take a moment to talk about the CrossFit Open.  74 of us threw our hats in in the ring and took on the 3 week challenge put out by CrossFit.  It was nothing short of electric.  Friday Night Lights was the most amazing thing ever.  You pushed each other, did things you never thought you could, learned a ton about yourself and made clear goals for the coming year. Again, I’m a proud Coach.


8 of us qualified for the next round, quarterfinals by placing in the top 25% in our respective age groups (in the world).  These 8 were amazing and had to do 4 more workouts in a week for a chance to continue.  I am confident we can raise that number next year if you decide that “you want it”.  Let’s schedule a time to talk and make a plan! The quarterfinals were brutal and so proud of those who competed.


The top 200 of those 25% get to move on to Semi-finals. This is the final stop before the CrossFit Games. Here is where I ask for your help…again.  This year I qualified for semi-finals #181. I’ve never been here and I’ve never coached someone here so it will all be a new experience for Everlasting.  I will have to do 4 more workouts that are announced Wednesday May 8th and have them completed by Monday the 13th.  I will most likely disrupt some classes.  I will have tripods out for video submissions.  I will need some volunteers to assist with set up and judging (must have passed 2024 judging course). The music may be loud and not your “style” haha.  I may have in headphones trying to get pumped up. I may look like I’m going to poop myself or I may look like I’m going to run through a brick wall.  (Both depends on when my pre-workout hits) Everyone has my permission to yell and get after me especially when I’m struggling. If you like a workout and want to do it with me, have at it. 

The CrossFit Games

The top 40 go to the CrossFit Games. This is and has been my (silent) goal to accomplish by my 50th birthday in 2 years.  I’ve only said that out loud to a couple people. Now that you all know, I have to do it. 

Thank you all for your support and I can’t wait to represent your gym at this level.

Coach Bret

Everlasting Fitness aka CrossFit Everlasting