Never whine, Never complain, Never make excuses

Last month Morgan and I were fortunate enough to spend 2 days with Ben Bergeron and his team. It was his 2 day Immersion program, we highly recommend it!

Sitting on the counter when we walked in was a jar of white rubber bracelets. Super simple, they had white raised lettering saying “never whine, never complain, never make excuses.”  I have a drawer full of these misc bracelets at home and have never really worn them. Oddly enough I took one as the phrase caught my attention.
When I got home I found the bracelet, it caught my attention again so I put it on. I started to think about all the times when I would complain or make an excuse. The mornings are common as I don’t feel like I’m a morning person. (That’s an excuse right there). Generally I’m a pretty positive person and I try to keep this in mind throughout my day. It’s funny though how often even a positive person will complain, whine or make an excuse.

I’m sore today. I didn’t sleep well. I drank too much last night. I hate (insert movement). Today is not my day. I hate long workouts. I hate short workouts. I can’t do (insert movement). I suck at…  I don’t want to let my (team/partner)down. I’m hungry. I don’t feel well. My allergies are acting up. I had a long day at work. The restaurant didn’t have anything healthy. I didn’t prep my food. I forgot my food. I was late. My kids….

These are all ones I hear on a regular basis. Let’s keep in mind that you always have a choice and there is always another option. Positive thoughts yield positive outcomes. I can’t really means I won’t.
The first step is realizing how often you whine, complain and make excuses. The second step is taking action to fix it.
Hmm, maybe drop and do a burpee every time you catch yourself!

-Coach Bret

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