Mindset: A Simple Idea That Makes All The Difference

The most impactful two pieces of advice I ever received when I joined CFE was, “make sure you keep track of your progress” and “leave your ego at the door.”
Those phrases are not only meant for top athletes, but for everyone that sets foot in the door. Remember that it is ok to have a bad day, have a piece of cake at your child’s birthday party (sorry M&M) or miss that much sought-after PR lift. Acknowledging the negative emotions and learning to redirect them is what makes the difference. You spend the time training your body – do the same for your mind! Celebrate the small victories, make small goals as well as large ones and don’t be afraid to keep moving the markers! Write down your accomplishments, keep track of goals and workouts, then look back a year from now and you will be amazed! Change your way of thinking by learning to let go of anything that does not benefit your self-development and get rid of anything that creates self-doubt and distrust. Believe in yourself, you are stronger than you think. Social media can play a big part of self-perception and plant seeds of negativity, get rid of anything that feeds it. Being healthy and happy does not happen overnight, it takes hard work, time and dedication. Instead of focusing on the things you can’t do today, celebrate the things you can. Challenge yourself each day, each week and each month until your “can’ts” become something you can now live without. Comparison is the thief of joy, you only need to compare yourself to the person in the mirror, it’s not hard to become a little better every single day.

– Sarah Legros – CFE Coach