Everlasting Fitness 2020

2019 was a great year at Everlasting!  

Pounds, inches and fears lost. 

Friends, muscles and confidence gained.

Mindset, goals and fitness changed.


As gym owners, we can’t ask for more than that. Our goal for this gym is to change people’s lives, and to be the Catalyst for change. So, how do we do this?


First we want to bleed Encouragement. We want to encourage you to workout, encourage you to push past what you think you can’t do, encourage you to take small steps and big steps when needed and encourage you to make goals to become the best version of you.


We want this to be a place to create lasting Bonds.  There is something about enduring the same trials as the peers around you that creates a lasting bond. A bond forged in sweat amongst friends that have the same goals, friends that have different goals and friends that support you no matter who you are or where you come from, friends that don’t judge.


Last, we want to provide Support. We want to support you through your nutrition journey, support your goal of doing a competition, support you mentally when you need a kick in the ass and we want to provide the support you need to teach you fitness, nutrition and goal setting to get you where you want to be.


Teaching you a Thruster is certainly something that we will do. It is not however, a main focus of this gym.  Fitness is an amazing byproduct that comes when we focus on the right things.


During our Nutrition challenge, Morgan and I focused on 5 things.

  1. Following a meal plan
  2. Moving twice a day (workout)
  3. Drinking a gallon of water
  4. Daily reading
  5. Taking a progress photo daily

We did not focus on losing weight or getting more fit, but since we focused on the right things, we collectively lost 10% Body Fat, 26 Pounds and our workouts improved drastically. Our mindset was tested but we knew with focusing on the things within our control and the list of items above, we could improve our health and overall well-being during the challenge. 


We cannot wait to be a part of your journey in 2020 and look forward to helping you focus on the right things. If you do, we promise you will have Everlasting Fitness into your later years!


~ Coach Bret & Morgan


What’s new for 2020??



Yes, we are still Crossfit Everlasting.

Yes, we are still a registered CrossFit affiliate and that will not change. We support CrossFit and they support us. So why the change?  

Everlasting Fitness is the umbrella company which is now supporting Crossfit Everlasting. It is supporting our Everlasting Nutrition programs along with other avenues that we may decide to go down. Everyone has a friend or two that will not come to the gym with you because of the word CrossFit, correct? Those that do and see that it’s not so bad end up believers. We are trying to lower that hurdle and lower the intimidation factor of CrossFit.



You asked for more GRIT in your life. GRIT will now be twice a week! Tuesday at 5pm and Thursday at 6pm.



Most workouts will have a name associated with them so you can track them easier in your TRIIB app. Also, strength pieces such as a heavy 5 rep will record as such when you log them making it easier to go back and look at previous results.



The TRIIB app itself will be completely updated. I won’t go into too much detail since I have no control over this one but it looks much more user friendly. The IOS version is supposed to be ready before the 1st.  Android will be releasing later (I’ll keep you posted).



Weekday Endurance class will be back when the weather improves (get ready to run)!



Training for something specific? Marathon, Spartan Race, Triathlon, CF competition, wedding? Or just want help with technique and learning new/advanced skills? 

  • 30 minute “Skill Sessions” are now available with select coaches for $40.  
  • 60 minute “Personal Coaching” sessions are available with select coaches for $75. Any topic can be covered – fitness, mindset, nutrition etc.



Want to attend your favorite coaches class?  Be sure to check the schedule on your TRIIB app for some updates to the schedule!