The Barbell Brawl Games has proven itself as one of the most fun and well run competitions in the area.  This time around we will be expanding the field in our first year in our 10,400 sq/ft facility!

Also NEW for this year is our Novice division.  This is for anyone with less than 2 competitions under their belt.  Perfect for your first time!

RX Teams of 2

Scaled Teams of 2

Masters Team of 2 (40+)

**NEW** Novice Teams of 2

Teams options will be:

Male/Male — Female/Female

You can expect 3 workouts for each division.  Don’t be surprised if we surprise you.

WODs will be announced via Facebook  a week prior to each event.

Division Standards

RX: RX means you can do a vast majority of named CrossFit workouts as prescribed. Chest to bar pull ups for both men and women, T2B, HSPU.  Ground to overhead 135# men or 95# women. Deadlift for reps 225# for men and 155# women.  These are working weights, not a 1 rep.

Scaled: Scaled means you scale your workouts often. Events will be a scaled version of the RX division. As a rule of thumb, you should be able get through pull ups in a WOD and do multiple reps of ground to overhead at 95# men or 65# women and deadlift 185# men or 135# women.  K2E, Box Jumps, Wall Balls 20/14

Masters: In general, the same standards as Scaled, if you are limited maybe try our Novice division.

Novice:  This is for all ages with under 2 competitions experience.  Perfect for your first time.  Jumping Pull Ups, Wall Balls 14/10, Box jumps or Step Ups, Full depth squats


Registration opens Friday Feb 15th at Noon!



All registered athletes will a receive a t-shirt and swag bag.

Awards to top 3 Teams  in each division.  Masters age will start at 40 this year.

*For Team Registration: ONLY the Team captain needs to register his/her team.

Refund Policy is as follows:

100% Refund until March 4, 2019

50% Refund from March 5, 2019 – April 8, 2019

0 Refund after April 8, 2019

Interested in being a judge? 

We will be looking for qualified judges for the competition.  CF Level 1 or CF Judges course is a minimum requirement.


If you have questions about either judging or volunteering, please email Bret as soon as possible!

Thanks in advance!

All Judges and Volunteers will get a free swag bag, T-Shirt, food and drink.


Sponsors and Vendors

Erin Kehs is a licensed Massage Therapist practicing in Cockeysville at William John Massage Studio.  For people seeking injury prevention, muscle recovery and increased mobility contact erin at 443-862-4956 to schedule.