Chicken Crockpot Curry

This is a great recipe to throw in the crockpot on the morning of a busy day. The extra effort in the morning will be worth it when dinnertime rolls around and your house becomes filled with a delicious aroma. Chicken thighs work best in this recipe because they’re flavourful and hold up well to long, slow cooking. Not browning the meat makes the sauce more delicious with juices from the chicken adding flavour.


Chicken thighs1 lb453 g
Onion, halved and diced1 large1 large
Garlic cloves, minced2 each2 each
Ginger, grated2 Tbsp30 mL
Curry powder2 Tbsp30 mL
Garam masala (Indian spice blend)1 tsp5 mL
Cumin1 tsp5 mL
Frozen peas1 cup250 mL
Light coconut milk1 can1 can
Yellow pepper, sliced1 each1 each
Red pepper, sliced1 each1 each
Sweet potato, diced1 each1 each
Diced tomatoes2 cups500 mL
Red curry paste1 Tbsp15 mL
Cilantro, chopped½ cup125 mL


  1. Place chicken thighs into slow cooker.
  2. Chop onion, peppers, sweet potato and garlic and add to slow cooker.
  3. Add diced tomatoes and frozen peas. Stir contents.
  4. In a small bowl combine the coconut milk, ginger, garam masala, curry powder, cumin, and curry paste.
  5. Stir and coat contents of slow cooker.
  6. Set to low for 6 hours or high for 3-4 hours.
  7. Once cooked, taste and add pepper to taste. Serve over brown rice, garnish with chopped fresh cilantro.

Makes 4 servings (500 g /serving).  1 serving = ~2.5 cups




These no-bake peanut butter energy bites are packed with protein, omega-3’s, fibre, and make great snacks between meals or after a workout! They can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 week, or longer in the freezer for a convenient, ready-to-go snack. 


Oats, large flake1 cup250 mL
Coconut flakes, unsweetened2/3 cup150 mL
Natural peanut butter½ cup125 mL
Ground flaxseed½ cup125 mL
Chocolate chips (optional)½ cup125 mL
Honey1/3 cup75 mL
Vanilla extract1 tsp5 mL
Protein powder, whey Isolate, unflavoured or chocolate2 scoops2 scoops


  1. Stir all ingredients together in a medium bowl until thoroughly mixed.
  2. Add a tiny bit of extra peanut butter or honey if the mixture hasn’t achieved a wet, sticky consistency.
  3. Cover and let chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. (optional)
  4. Once chilled, roll into 1” balls (or whatever size you like!).
  5. Store in airtight container and keep refrigerated for up to 1 week.
  6. For long-term storage, package them in 2’s or 3’s in mini zip lock bags, and keep in the freezer for quick snacks on the go.

Makes 22 servings (30 g /serving). 1 serving = 1 ball (1 energy bite)


Homemade Hummus

Homemade Hummus Photo

It’s no secret, homemade hummus is SO much better than store bought – it’s much more creamy and smooth. It can also be much less expensive than store bought. This recipe is one of our favourites because it’s so versatile. You can add extra flavour like a drizzle of balsamic reduction, paprika and chili, or even caramelized onion.  


Chickpeas, rinsed and drained1 can1 can
Tahini paste2 Tbsp30 mL
Water¼ cup60 mL
Lemon juice1 Tbsp15 mL
Garlic cloves2 each2 each
Salt1/8 tsp0.5 mL
Pepper1/8 tsp0.5 mL
Homemade Hummus Label


  1. Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Refrigerate or serve immediately.

Makes 6 servings (79 g /serving).  1 serving = ¼ cup


Chicken Burrito Bowls


Need some lunch inspiration? These chicken burrito bowls are so easy to prepare on the
weekend and to take as lunch to work. Packed with protein and fibre, they will help you avoid the midday energy crash. They also freeze well so you have some healthy, easy dinners on hand. Experiment with some extra veggies and toppings.



Chicken breasts, boneless, skinless3 each3 each
Bell peppers, sliced3 each3 each
Red onion, large, sliced1 each1 each
Olive oil2 Tbsp30 mL
Taco seasoning1 Tbsp15 mL
Salt½ tsp7 mL
Pepper½ tsp7 mL
Salsa1 jar1 jar
Brown rice, cooked3 cups750 mL
Black beans, drained & rinsed1 can1 can
Corn1 can1 can
Cheddar cheese, shredded1 cup250 mL
Lime, wedged1 each1 each
Cilantro, fresh½ cup125 mL


  1. Preheat oven to 400˚F/200˚C.
  2. Line a baking sheet with foil.
  3. Place the chicken, peppers, and onions onto the baking sheet and drizzle with oil.
  4. Sprinkle the taco seasoning evenly over both sides of the chicken breasts.
  5. Salt and pepper the peppers and onions, tossing to coat.
  6. Top each chicken breast with a generous pour of salsa.
  7. Bake in a preheated oven for 25 minutes.
  8. Rest chicken for 10 minutes, before slicing into strips.
  9. Add a base of brown rice to 6 food storage containers. Top each with a scoop of black beans, corn, additional salsa, cheddar cheese, cooked peppers and onions, and sliced chicken. Garnish with fresh cilantro and a lime wedge.
  10. Store in the refrigerator (and enjoy any extras immediately). Can be kept refrigerated for up to 4 days.
  11. Meal-prep FTW! Enjoy!

Makes 4 servings ( 516 g /serving).  1 serving = ~1.5 cups


Full-time Personal Trainer/Class Coach

We are looking to add 1 full-time coach to our world-class team.  We are looking for people that first and foremost fit our culture, our vision, and our values. 

Our ideal candidate is someone who is humble, hard-working, great with people, and wants to be a part of a strong team. The best coaches aren’t the ones with the most credentials or university degrees. Education helps, sure. But it’s not the most important aspect of a great coach. The best coaches always get people to move better and smile—and you don’t need a degree for that. 

We can develop your abilities to teach movements but we can’t give you a fantastic attitude. If you have the attitude and are willing to learn, we can help you with the rest.

To learn more about Everlasting Fitness, and the positions we are hiring for, read below.

About the position:

We are looking for coaches that can come in and coach 10-15 hours per week of group classes and/or private sessions. 

We believe that the best way to make a career out of being a coach is through a combination of personal training, group classes, and taking on 1 or 2 roles outside of coaching like nutrition, programming, events, social media, etc. We are seeking an individual who aligns with our mission and core values and aspires to become a full-time coach, whether they are ready now, or believe they can work their way towards this role in the coming years.

  • Minimum Requirements:
    • A Major Fitness Certification with 300 hours of experience coaching (CrossFit is a plus)
    • Team Player – Humble, Welcomes Feedback
    • Understands and is driven by the Everlasting Fitness mission and vision
    • Understands and lives by Everlasting Fitness Core Values
    • Your role as a coach and a leader in our community must come before your own training.
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Coach scheduled CrossFit and Fortify group classes
    • Attend and actively participate in quarterly coach’s meetings and coach’s development sessions
    • Be available to take on personal training clients and 1-on-1 foundations a minimum of 10 hours per week
    • Never-ending pursuit of coaching excellence via continued education, coach’s development sessions, and 1-on-1 coach’s evaluations
    • Participate (as an athlete) in Everlasting Fitness group classes at least 3X/week minimum
    • Eventually take on a role outside of coaching, such as social media, programming, front desk, sales, marketing, nutrition, etc.
  • Additional Expectations:
    • Everlasting Fitness (and the role as a full-time coach) is a top priority in your life.
    • Adhere to Everlasting Fitness core values inside and outside of the gym (including social media)
    • Push affiliate towards excellence each day
    • Be an open source of communication. No gossip.
    • Cover additional classes when needed 
    • Fulfill all opening and/or closing duties when needed
    • Be on the floor and engaged with members at least 15 minutes before and after every class.
    • Be fully prepared for class (lesson plan) prior to the 15 minutes before every class.
    • Greet and take care of walk-ins and drop-ins whenever present at EF
    • Post regular gym/member updates to Group ME
    • Actively participate in all EF hosted coach’s development sessions and 1-on-1 coach’s development sessions
    • Help stage, clean, and organize the gym before and after all classes
    • Help set up, clean up, and run events such as special events, in-house competitions, and parties.
    • Continued education and never-ending pursuit of coaching excellence

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Income Potential: $30,000 – $75,000 (with the ability to make more after 24-36 months with us)
  • 50-70% of all revenue from personal training, programming, and 1-on-1 coaching 
  • Coaching uniforms (2 Free) and EF apparel at cost
  • All retail and supplements at our wholesale cost.  

Everlasting Fitness Core Values

  • Mission Statement. To change people’s lives through fitness, nutrition and mindset.
  • We are a family. Introduce yourself to others and know everyone by name. Treat EF better than your home. Clean up after yourself and always leave the gym better than when you walked in.
  • The class comes first. EF should be the best 60-90 minutes of our member’s day and the in-class experience is what makes EF great. Create an atmosphere where members love coming and never want to leave.
  • Team > Individual. Relentless focus on others over yourself. No Egos. Coaching must come before your own training. Regularly take classes with members.
  • Constant and never-ending pursuit of excellence. Pay attention to the details and go above and beyond what is asked. Be early. Be overprepared. How you do anything is how you do everything.
  • Extreme ownership of everything in your life. Live with honesty and integrity. No Gossip. If you have an issue with someone, speak directly to them and no one else.
  • Live with a growth mindset. Hungry to learn and grow, and constantly make yourself a better coach. Regularly read books, listen to podcasts, and attend seminars and certifications.
  • Bond, Encourage and Support. Create lasting bonds with members and other coaches.  Encourage others in the way they need, not necessarily the way you would want to be encouraged – help others find their “why”.  Provide support, whether it’s in Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery or Mindset.

About Everlasting Fitness and what we are looking for…

My name is Bret and I opened Everlasting Fitness back in January of 2013 and now run it with my wife Morgan. Over the last 8 years, we have grown EF to over 200 active members and have become one of the premier gyms in the state of Maryland. We have an incredible facility (10,000 sq ft) in Abingdon, MD.

We offer CrossFit classes, Fortify (boot-camp style) classes, Personal Training, Individualized Programming  and Accountability Coaching so there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow within our gym. 

Our team is on a mission to empower people and communities to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. We aim to make fitness fun and sustainable so our members can enjoy working out and kicking ass into their 90s and beyond. 

We do this by providing personal coaching in an energetic, fun, and inclusive team-environment. We seek to attract those who share our core values and add to the community experience. 

Morgan and I truly love our gym and our community, which is why you will see us taking classes every single day at our facility. We are looking for coaches who will fall in love with our community and love taking classes every day just as much as we do. 

We are looking for coaches who love being a part of our events and will invest time in our members. We are looking for coaches who can live by our core values (listed above). We are looking for coaches who are motivated and driven by our mission to become one of the top gyms (CrossFit or otherwise) on the East Coast over the next 5-10 years. We are looking for coaches who want to make a career out of being a Fitness coach.

We now have a staff of full-time and part-time coaches who have become a part of our family. One of the things that we strive for most is to provide a true career opportunity for our coaches. We believe coaching is one of the most influential and important roles that this world has to offer, and we want to professionalize what it means to be a Coach. We believe that coaches deserve to be treated like professionals and compensated accordingly. 

Ultimately, we are a family, and we are looking to add like-minded individuals to our team who share our core values, love our community, and want to make a career out of being a coach and eventually going beyond that.

If this sounds like the perfect position for you, email us your resume with a cover letter including a brief overview of why you want to coach at EF and why you think it could be a good fit.  Be specific here.  You can also include details about your fitness experience and customer service experience.  We also highly recommend checking out our social media pages prior to applying.  I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

Everlasting Fitness

Blueberry Baked Oatmeal

This oatmeal is healthy, filling and can be reheated quickly during your morning rush. This dish provides a thicker consistency similar to a crisp, but healthy! There is no reason to skip breakfast with this on hand. Make up a batch on Sunday night and you’ve got a delicious and nutritious oatmeal breakfast you’ll want to eat all week. 


Old fashioned rolled oats1 cup250 mL
Chopped walnuts¼ cup60 mL
Baking powder½ tsp2 mL
Cinnamon1 tsp5 mL
Honey or maple syrup¼ cup60 mL
Skim milk1 cup250 mL
Egg1 each1 each
Margarine (non-hydrogenated)2 Tbsp30 mL
Vanilla extract1 tsp5 mL
Ripe bananas sliced2-3 each2-3 each
Blueberries1 cup250 mL


  1. Preheat oven to 3750F.
  2. Grease a 2 quart baking dish. In a medium bowl, mix the oats, half the walnuts, baking powder, and cinnamon. Stir to combine.
  3. In a separate bowl combine the honey, milk, egg, margarine, and vanilla
  4. Spread the sliced bananas in a single layer over the bottom of the baking dish. Top with half the berries. Sprinkle the dry oat mix over the fruit in an even layer. Pour the liquid ingredients evenly over the oats.
  5. Sprinkle the remaining nuts and berries over the top. Bake for 35-40 minutes until the top is browned and the oats have set.

Makes 6 servings (160 g /serving).  1 serving = 2.5″ x 3″ square


Healthy Homemade Ranch Dip

Healthy Homemade Ranch Dip (2)

Instead of buying a commercial dip or salad dressing, try making this super easy healthy ranch dip instead. It is made of Greek yogurt, so it’s higher in protein than a regular dip. It is also full of flavour, especially if you make it a day ahead! Pairs perfectly with veggies for dipping, or on a Cobb salad!


2% MF Greek yogurt, plain1 cup250 mL
Garlic powder1 tsp5 mL
Onion powder1 tsp5 mL
Dill, dried¾ tsp4 mL
Cayenne pepper¼ tsp2 mL
Salt¼ tsp2 mL
Pepper¼ tsp2 mL
Healthy Homemade Ranch Dip Label


  1. In a small bowl, mix together all of the ingredients.
  2. Enjoy as a salad dressing or a dip for your veggies!

Makes 6 servings (39 g /serving).  1 serving =  ~ 3 Tbsp


Welcome to Everlasting Fitness


Here at Everlasting Fitness we focus on you.  We like to meet with you first, get to know you, find out your goals and what you are looking for.  We do this in our FREE intro session, you can sign up for yours HERE.

 We offer Personal Training, Nutrition Accountability, Teen classes, Kids classes, Group Fitness classes, Group CrossFit classes, Group Endurance classes and we have a fully stocked Pro Shop. Do you have pain, an injury, an imbalance or something holding you back? We offer FREE movement screens to uncover these issues and have the ability to address most of them.
We have 12 experienced and well trained coaches ready to lead you on your fitness journey. Every class is coached and every member’s journey is unique.

Our membership base is like family.  Close knit, friendly and supportive.  We want you to surround yourself with those who will make you better!  We have all ages, all ability levels and all shapes and sizes.
Our facility is a 10,300 sq ft gym specializing in Cardio, Strength training, Endurance, Gymnastics and Weightlifting.  We are not a gym full of machines, you are the machine.

Schedule your FREE intro, stop in or give us a call or email.  
We can’t wait to meet you and get you involved in our community!

Right off of 95 in Abingdon, MD ~~ 443-402-1993

Everlasting Facebook 
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Are you a Thermometer or a Thermostat?

I heard this analogy from Jim Kwik and it was perfect for the start of 2021. A Thermometer has one job, read and report. Read the situation (temperature) and give us the results. It is what it is.

A Thermostat has a similar job, reading the situation(temperature). The Thermostat takes it another step further though. If the situation it finds is not within our desired parameters it will change the outside environment until our desired parameters are back in line.

Have you ever used the phrase “It is what it is”? It sounds like giving up. It sounds like excepting your situation without putting up a fight. It sounds like being stuck in a rut.

What if you realized your situation and did everything you could to change it. What if you could change the outside environment to put yourself in a better place? Change who you hang out with, change the food you eat, change the places you go, change your bad habits. This would give you a fighting chance. Maybe you can find others on the same path. Maybe you will inspire others along the way.

Change the temperature. Be a Thermostat.

Coach Bret

Need a hand? We would love to help! Grab a Free consult HERE.


Apple Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Apple Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Mornings can be busy. On busy days, these make-ahead overnight oats are lifesavers. Prep five of them at once on a Sunday night so you have breakfast for the whole week. Use a Mason jars or portable Tupperware containers so you can easily grab one as you run out of the door.     


Rolled oats, uncooked2 ½ cups525 mL
Milk, 1%2 ½ cups525 mL
Vanilla2 ½ tsp12.5 mL
Cinnamon, ground2 ½ tsp12.5 mL
Hemp hearts1/3 cup70 mL
Chia seeds5 Tbsp75 mL
Peanut butter, natural1/3 cup70 mL
Apple, cored and cubed3 each3 each

 for extra sweetness, add in 5 Tbsp of brown sugar (1 Tbsp per mason jar) when batch prepping this recipe.


Apple Peanut Butter Overnight Oats Label
  1. Wash and dry 5 mason jars and lids.
  2. Split the rolled oats by dividing ½ cup into each of the 5 mason jars.
  3. Divide the milk (½ cup each), vanilla (½ tsp each), cinnamon (½ tsp each), hemp hearts (1 Tbsp each), chia seeds (1 Tbsp each), peanut butter (1 Tbsp each), and brown sugar (1 Tbsp each, if desired) into the 5 mason jars.
  4. Stir each of the mason jars to combine the ingredients evenly.
  5. Divide the apple between the jars.
  6. Tightly seal the mason jars with lids and store in the fridge for up to 1 week.

Makes 5 servings (287 g /serving).  1 serving = 1 Mason jar